Pokemon Go Winter Event 2018 Announced!

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Starting next week, after the Lugia and Ho-Oh raids have gone, the winter/holiday event begins! This event will start December 18th, starting at 1pm PST, with some of the festivities going as far as until January 2nd! Below is a breakdown of what is going on as based off of the Pokemon Go Live Post:

Event Date+Duration
More Ice type Pokemon appear! Including, Jynx, Spheal, DelibirdSneasel, Swinub, Snorunt, and Snover December 18th – January 2nd
Pikachu with a ‘festive hat’ December 18th – January 2nd
Smoochum, AzurillMunchlax, Chingling, Riolu, and Mantyke hatching from 7km eggs Start date not specified, assumed December 18th – January 2nd
Single use Incubator from Pokestop spinning once a day Start date not specified, assumed December 18th – January 2nd
Double Catch and Transfer Candy December 18th – December 22nd
Double Catch Stardust December 22nd – December 26th
Double Catch XP December 26th – December 30th
1/2 Egg Hatch December 30th – January 2nd
Delibird Themed Clothing Items Starting December 18th

*(Bold are related to gen 4)

*(Pokémon in Italics are being reported to also be available in 7km eggs via reddit and twitter)

Pokemon.com even mentions a chance to catch a shiny Delibird! The promotion picture for this event shows more Pokemon not mentioned in the announcement, such as Chingling, Croagunk, and in the sky, Lake Trio: Uxie, Azelf and Mesprit, a trio of legendary Pokemon. This does not mean these exact Pokemon will also be released, but we wonder if the Lake Trio will be our next round of legendaries!

Shiny Delibird

Keep your eyes out for the aforementioned bolded Pokemon in the table above, as they are either new gen 4 Pokemon, or can evolve into Gen 4 Pokemon at some point. We hope Mamoswine and Froslass will be available from Swinub and Snorunt (only female, in the main series) respectively after the start of this event! No sign of Glaceon though….! Happy bird hunting for the next few days, save your extra ones for the double transfer candy!!!

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