Pokémon GO’s Christmas event details leak ahead of time: Star Piece sale inbound

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the Taiwanese Google Play was updated their Pokémon GO app description and imagery to promote the upcoming holiday event. There is no date, but we expect the announcement this week.

This was reported by a reddit user called kk5566, who provided the translation and a screenshot of the store on Reddit.


Catch new sale and Pokemons!

Updated time : 12/14 2017

Pokemon GO provides best anniversary sale and event.  More details :

Why we love this :

  • Special sale boxes include incubator and new item “starpiece” .
  • Catch more than 10 kinds new Pokemons from Hoenn region.
  • Discover the present-delivering Pokemon Delibird and a special festival Pikachu.

Store screenshot:

The inclusion of Star Piece in this year’s Holiday sale would not be a surprise, as the item is fully implemented in the game and was already hinted on top of the Christmas tree featured in the Holiday loading screen.

Here’s a bit more details about the upcoming Stardust boosting item.

About Star Piece

Pokemon GO Star Piece is a special item added in patch 0.85.1 and discovered in the APK data mine done by GO Hub. Star Piece is a purchasable store item that boosts Stardust gain for a fixed duration of time. Star Piece increases Stardust gain by 50% for 30 minutes.

You can purchase Star Piece in following quantities: 1 piece, 8 pieces and 25 pieces.

Item Star Piece
Item Category Stardust boost
In-game description A small shard of a beautiful gem. Earns 50% more Stardust for 30 minutes.
Buff power 50% more Stardust
Buff duration 30 minutes
Description A new item that boosts Stardust gain. At this point we know it will be available as an in-game shop SKU and that it influences Stardust gain via a multiplier
Available from In-game shop
Quantities and prices 1x ?? Coins
8x ?? Coins
25x ?? Coins

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