The Pokemon Sun and Moon demo has leaked

A german youtuber named Pokemore published a video featuring the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon demo version gameplay. The video is 14:00 minutes long and shows of some of the changes coming in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

The graphics look amazing, with occasional framerate drops, but nothing alarming. The animations are amazing, trainers look more alive than ever and the combat zoom in is really nice.

Greninja looks super awesome also! 🙂

Some things to note from the video:

  • The uploader got the demo via a special code given to him by Nintendo. The demo is not on the E-Shop yet.
  • The uploader noted that there were some framerate drops throughout the demo.
  • The Greninja’s OT is Ash, and it has all of the moves that Ash’s Greninja knows in the anime (except Cut was replaced with Night Slash). [Why couldn’t they have given Ash’s Greninja Night Slash?]
  • Professor Kukui gave you a trial: take 4 pictures of Jangmo-o in the cave. The Jangmo-o may attack you if you take a picture of them.
  • The letter basically welcomes you to Alola and tells you that you have Ash-Greninja. (You moved from Kanto.)
  • You can’t access the café or PokeMart inside the Pokémon Center in the demo.
  • You and your mother go to the city hall in order to submit some documents (probably related to the move).
  • According to TheMantyke on Smogon, Greninja has IVs of 20/31/20/31/20/31 [HP/ATK/DEF/SP ATK/SP DEF/SPEED], a neutral nature, 252 Speed EVs, and 128 EVs in both Attack and Special Attack.
  • Apparently you have to press A to enter buildings now.

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