Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Despite Nintendo’s efforts, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon review copies were leaked ahead of the official release. The next installment in the core Pokémon game series was leaked on 4Chan, bringing a huge wave of in-game leaks, spoilers and data mines.

If you are a core series player and don’t want any spoilers, we highly advise you stop reading at this point.

If you’re a Pokémon GO player and wondering why are we reporting on USUM, remember that we keep tabs on everything that’s going on in the franchise in order to understand how these things influence Pokémon GO and Niantic’s decision making.


With that being said, let’s see what has been leaked.

New Ultra Beast name, sprites and stats. Also, a new mythical Pokémon

Although we’ve already seen almost all of the UBs that are being added in USUM, we were still caught off guard with Poiple’s evolution into Naganadel. All of the UB stats have been also leaked, but not only that, a new Mythical was confirmed – Zeraora! All of this info is property of SciresM, the Pokémon Project or /r/pokemon leaks.

UB Stats and names

Pokémon UB Name HP ATK DEF SpA SpD Spe
Poipole UB Adhesive 67 73 67 73 67 73
Naganadel UB Adhesive 73 73 73 127 73 121
Stakataka UB Assembly 61 131 211 53 101 13
Blacephelon UB Burst 53 127 53 151 79 107
Zeraora ??? 88 112 75 102 80 143

Poiple and Naganadel

UB Sprites

A mix of major spoilers (via PokéJungle)

  • Ultra Space encounters aren’t shiny locked
  • Necrozma has a third form called Ultra Necrozma
  • You battle Hau instead of Kukui for your first battle as Champion
  • Team Rainbow Rocket’s objective is to rule the universe and build an army of Ultra Beasts
  • Ash appears in the game code along side other NPCs, and may appear in game
  • You are gifted a Pikachu that knows Surf for getting the top rank in all four Surf Spots. The NPC that gives it to you has a Pikachu that knows Fly
  • The Kahunas in USUM are the same as in Sun & Moon
  • The Elite Four in USUM consists of Hala, Olivia, Acerola, and Molayne
  • The trials in USUM are the same as in Sun & Moon, except it adds on Mina’s Fairy Trial, and one “unknown” one (according to the game’s code)
  • Mohn returns to the Aether Paradise
  • Marowak, Araquanid, Togedemaru, and Ribombee are the new Totem Pokémon. The former three replace Salazzle, Wishiwashi and Vikavolt respectively
  • You get Poipole as an in-game gift Pokémon

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And of course, as all other 3DS titles, USUM already works on the Citra emulator – unstable, buggy and slow, but it works. We won’t be posting any ROM or emulator links here nor we allow sharing those in the comments section.