we’ve recently ran a poll on our official Twitter account, asking how players felt about third party tracking apps and websites. Honestly, the results surprised us completely!

According to the poll results, 81% of participants are completely fine with trackers! Here are the complete results:

  • 34% love trackers
  • 47% are ok with trackers
  • 10% dislike trackers
  • 09% hate trackers

Here’s the poll, our opinion on the results is below:

We expected the results to look a bit different, but it is what it is. What is more surprising is the fact that Niantic is heavily targeting tracking sites, tackling them almost more than spoofers.

Some of the Tweet comments shed more light on how players actually feel about the issue. As you might imagine, the player base is deeply divided on the issue:

  • “I think that trackers are an unfair way to play. You’re supposed to hunt for Pokémon, not see their exact location and catch them” – link
  • “The in game “tracker” system is almost useless so third party trackers make finding the Pokemon you need, less frustrating IMO.” – link
  • “I wouldn’t be able to do anything with the game without 3rd party trackers” – link
  • “I got to level 30 without even knowing about trackers. Started using the silphroad atlas only after lvl30.” – link, note: TSR Atlas is not a tracker

What do you think? Are trackers fine or not? Should Niantic insist on shutting them down or simply host their own? Let us know in the comment section below.