Hi Trainers!

The GO Hub Spain team visited the Safari Zone event in Barcelona, at the La Maquinista shopping mall (part of Unibail-Rodamco line of shopping malls). We are here to tell you about our experience and how we’ve spend the day. Reports from other Safari Zone locations (Germany and Paris) are coming soon.

When we arrived there were already big queues at the all three team-based registration counters, but the people were very lively and happy that they’ve got a ticket. Safari Zone was expected to be a special day for all of us there – we were very excited to be part of the experience.

Safari Zone at the Maquinista shopping mall

After registering, we’ve engaged in all of the event activities – catching event spawns, spinning stops for special event eggs, enjoying the Trainer kit and spending time with the folks at the event. It was great at the beginning: a lot of people, tons of Pokemon and a nice setting to be in.

However, as the day progressed, the event started to show it’s downsides and mixed feelings started to stir. People were starting to feel excited and a bit angry at the same time: the event was a bit loose and had no real structure, it was mostly just catch and hatch.

For many, the Trainer Kit was somewhat of a disappointment, as a number of attendees expected a special Raid or an Exclusive Raid Pass that would after the event. None of that happened: maybe our expectations were too high, but we were hoping that Niantic could use the Safari Zone events to activate EX Raids in Europe.

To be completely honest, the event wasn’t all that great – the logistics were spot on, but content wise there just wasn’t enough to do. Trainers in Barcelona were expecting a last minute announcement to happen, probably trainers in Oberhausen and Paris had similar hopes, but it didn’t happen.

In the end, although the event was really great, good logistics and great people made it way better than it could have been – we still had a great time.

Barcelona Trainer Kit

Many have joined to collaborate with the Pokémon GO HUB Spain – thank you for that! We want to give a special shout out the following people: Xavi, PokéxPerto and 2 YouTubers that have collaborated with the team continuously (Keibron Gamer and Midesades)

We hope to go to another similar event of in Spain. The Spanish GO HUB team will certainly be there.