Niantic announces Pokémon GO Partner Research: Odakyu in Japan

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Niantic has announced a special Partner Research campaign, aimed at Japanese players and in partnership with the Odakyu Electric Railway Company.

The new partnership based research program is called “Pokémon GO Partner Research”, and the aim of it is to promote the official “Pokémon GO” partners who are always supporting Trainers.

What is the Pokémon GO Partner Research program?

The Pokémon GO Partner Research is a special timed challenge, available only for Trainers who a participation ticket. The participation ticket is obtained from an official partner (Odakyu in this case) and it has a special Promotional Code attached to it.

Different partners will participate each season. A promotion code is attached to the “participation ticket”, meaning you will have to use the Partner’s service to gain access.

Odakyu Partner Research Program

How to gain access?

In order to gain access to the Odakyu Partner Research, you need to buy a digital ticket from Odakyu, any time from June 2, 2022 (Thursday) to August 7, 2022 (Sunday).

The ticket can be bought via the smartphone app “EMot” or the website “EMot Online Ticket”. All purchases are limited to “Adult ticket”, and the applicable tickets are:

  • Digital Hakone Freepass – great for those new to Hakone 
  • Digital Enoshima / Kamakura Freepass – great for those traveling along Enoshima, Kamakura, and Enoden lines
  • Digital Tanzawa / Oyama Freepass – recommended ticket to tour the Tanzawa / Oyama area

Timed Research Challenge

  • Event icon Trainers can complete the Odakyu Research Challenge until August 31, 2022 (Wednesday), 23:59 Japan time.
  • Research icon Completing the Timed Challenge will grant item rewards and Pokémon encounters. In addition, if you complete the Timed Challenge before it ends, you will get 10,000 XP and 10,000 Stardust.

The Pokémon you can get are different for each partner. If you are lucky, you may encounter some Pokémon in different colours:

  • Shiny Oranguru and Goomy are not available from this Research Challenge.
  • Research tasks, rewards you can get and XP are the same for all partners.
  • You can only challenge the time challenge once per partner. However, it is possible to get participation tickets for each partner and complete each partner’s challenge.
  • Aerodactyl can also Mega Evolution, and in battle, it is advantageous when fighting Flying, Bug, Fire and Ice type Pokémon. You can launch a powerful special attack “Iwana Avalanche” – we have no idea what this is, reddit thinks it’s Rock Smash or Rock Slide, no idea honestly. Translations are hard.


  • Participation tickets can only be obtained once per person. Even if you purchase multiple times (multiple types), one participation ticket will be distributed.
  • Items other than digital tickets are not eligible.
  • If you refund your ticket, you will not meet the conditions in principle.
  • A participation ticket will be sent to the email address of the account you purchased. Please note that if you register a different address when applying, the conditions will not be met.
  • A purchase confirmation email containing the management number required for application will be sent to the domain of “@”. In addition, the campaign code will be delivered in the domain of “@”.
  • Please cancel the domain setting or add it to the receiving list so that you can receive these emails.
  • Please note that this campaign may be canceled or changed due to unavoidable circumstances. In addition, we are not responsible for any damages caused to applicants or other third parties regarding the campaign.

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