Summer Hat Pikachu

Trainers, the sprites for the Summer Style Pikachu line have been discovered in the network traffic by none other than Chrales himself! Both the regular variants and shiny variants of Pichu, Pikachu, and Raichu sporting the summer shades and hat have been added and should be expected in the game at any time, most likely at the usual event time of 1 PM PST.

For your viewing pleasure, and for those looking to spoil the surprise early, here are the sprites extracted from Chrales (Full Quality Source can be found on Chrales’ Github).

Regular Variant Shiny Variant

This has come shortly after players noticed that the models for the Squirtle line had changed up slightly, indicating the usual pre-Community Day changes that occur. Which, in the past, have started the buildup to more leaked sprites such as the ones above, so keep your eyes open trainers, the Squirtle Squad is coming around!


For those curious on how much these sprites changed, we have a before and after to compare, and it is barely noticeable, but enough to start some hype on:

Update (13:00 UTC): Chrales has also found Pikachu Fan male avatar items, which are expected to go live in the in-game cloth shop as a tie in with the Anniversary Pikachu mascot. The avatar items feature a Pikachu-eared head band, yellow All-Stars looking shoes, an immensely yellow T-Shirt and dark gray pants with a Pikachu and Pokeball key chain stencil.