Shiny Absol and Mawile now confirmed: two new shiny Pokemon are in the game

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we are happy to announce that two new Raid Bosses have been introduced with the release of Generation III!

You are now able to raid a Tier 4 Absol (Boss CP 26262) and a Tier 2 Mawile (Boss CP 9403). We are preparing a full guide on Absol and Mawile that will be published later today.

In addition to their release as Raid Bosses, both Pokemon are available as Shiny variants. We can confirm that both of these images are legitimate:

Shiny Absol proof
Shiny Mawile proof

Kudos to /u/mbarbagallo for reporting the shiny Mawile encounter and to /u/fefeland from Panama for reporting the shiny Absol encounter and providing video evidence on reddit.

We don’t know if Mawile and Absol are available as Shiny variants outside raids. It seems peculiar that their shiny variants were first encountered in a raid scenario, it is possible that the chance to get a shiny Mawile/Absol is currently increased in raids.

As of the time of this writing, there are multiple reports of Trainers obtaining their Shiny Mawile from a raid and zero reports from a wild encounter.

Countering Absol

While you wait for our full guide to come out, here’s a few tips on countering Absol:

  • Absol is a pure dark Pokemon, with weakness to Bug, Fighting and Fairy
  • Absol can deal a huge amount of damage with it’s STAB Dark moves (Same Type Attack Bonus)
  • Dodge a lot!
  • Use something along the lines of Heracross, Machamp (careful if Absol has Psycho Cut as quick move), Granbull (Fairy moveset), Scizor and Pinsir

Absol has access to following moves:

  • Snarl dark (quick)
  • Psycho Cut psychic (quick)
  • Dark Pulse dark (charged)
  • Thunder electric (charged)
  • Megahorn bug (charged)

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