we’re happy to report that The Silph Road has launched a wonderful tool today: The Silph Road Radio! TSR Radio is a realtime tracker for your local raid groups, works in your browser and helps coordinate local raid groups.

TSR Radio in action, click for higher resolution

Trainers can create Raid Groups and set up events on the Radio, allowing other users to RSVP if they will attend the Raid or not. The Radio system is in Beta phase and some features such as push notifications are not yet available, but that will change soon.

You can access the Radio app here: (a reddit account is required to use the map).

Please be aware that TSR Radio is not a “third party” app, nor does it access Niantic’s servers or your account information. It’s a fully legal, not-bannable, companion app for Pokémon GO, so you are completely safe to use.

Here are some excerpts from their official reddit announcement:

What’s the Silph Radio?

It’s the “Nest Atlas” for Raids. (But even cooler!)

It’s the name of a Raid Beacon network that lets you know about local Raid groups getting together, and allows you to alert local folks in your area when you’re planning on taking on a Raid boss.

In technical terms, it’s a real-time, web-socket-enabled map of Raiding groups, with a dead-simple anonymous RSVP system.

What can I do to help?

  1. Start sending up a Beacon when you go Raiding! Make it a part of your gameplay to invite others to your Raids!
  2. Invite others to set up their alert radius on the Radio – soon we’ll turn on notifications, and kick this network in gear!

Is it Feature-Complete?

No! This is just a beta test.

Notably, notifications are NOT enabled during this beta! But the map is fully accurate and reflects RSVPs in real-time.

We have a native app coming out soon that will allow push notifications (which are much more versatile than email/SMS notifications) if a Raid Beacon is fired nearby. It will use your location and the locations of others using the Radio to help folks get together while playing – a missing feature from PoGO that we don’t expect will be added any time soon. 😉