the biggest Pokemon GO nest atlas has been updated with new features and improvements.

Namely, three major updates have landed to the Global Nest atlas:

  • Translations
  • Atlas now remembers your last search
  • Generation II filter

Here’s the full announcement:


We wanted to give you an update on some of what the Silph Road team has been working hard on. We’re happy to finally get some of these features out the door, and we hope they make our adventures on the Road a little easier going!

Behold! LocalStorage is enabled on the Atlas!

The Atlas just got a whole lot smarter.

Now it can remember your settings on each device by storing your location, zoom level, etc in your browser’s localStorage! This means, that you can pan around to a hard-to-find location, close your tab, open it up, and it’ll put you right back where you were!

No more panning around every time you open the Atlas!

It’ll also remember your species filters from your last session so you can focus on the rare ‘mons you’re hunting down specifically without having to hit a million checkboxes each time!

Speaking of that….

New ‘Generation’ Filters!

Now you can filter to just Gen II nests with one click!

This new species filter system will enable the Atlas to continue growing the list of species to hunt with each generation.

To select specific species, simply click the dropdown arrow to expand a Generation!

Increasing our Global Network with More Languages!

Per our announcement 48 hours ago, this weekend we launched

Already, we’ve had teams of volunteers poring over the Silph Road’s resources to help translate them into over 10 new languages!

We have to give major props to our German travelers who have taken the lead as the most complete translation team so far! Today we rolled out our very first experimental German language version of with a partial translation. More to come very soon on this, for those waiting for translations in their languages. 🙂

If you’d like to get involved with the translation effort, we can always use more help! Check out our announcement post on how to dive in and contribute!

What’s Next for the Silph Road?

We have a lot of awesome stuff in the lab, travelers. 🙂

Our network has grown and solidified into the most awesome community in the geolocation game genre. And we’re not just saying that because we’re biased. Well, maybe we’re a little biased. As the gym rework promises to increase the benefits of coordinated play, it’s time the Silph Road network started to operate on a more local scale. Stay tuned for more information on what’s next for our network!

Finally, one big thank you to all the good travelers who continue to volunteer in /new helping newbies learn about the mechanics we study here on the Road. We have roughly 200 new faces join the Road for the very first time every day – many of whom are brand new to Reddit. We’re proud of how helpful our community has become to those looking to learn. Keep up the great work!

Travel Safe,

– Executive Dronpes –