Special Google Play cards and AR mode promotion launch in Japan

According to the official Pokémon GO Twitter page, a new series of Pokémon GO branded Gift cards was released in Japan.

The Special Google Play cards are focused on Pokémon GO have been announced for Japan and they come in two varieties:

  • one offering 5000¥ (around 45 USD)
  • one being variable between 1500¥ (around 15 USD) and 50,000¥ (around 450 USD)

Additionally, there is a promotion that focuses on Pokémon GO’s AR mode. Players  are required to do the following:

  • use AR Mode and take a photo of a wild Pokémon next to a special Pokémon GO poster,
  • tweet it to the Google Play Pokémon GO Twitter account,
  • you earn 300¥ (5 USD)

There is no indication if either of the two will be available overseas.

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