Hello reddit,

The first Croatian Pokemon Meetup in Split
The first Croatian Pokemon Meetup in Split

I started this web page a few days ago as a place to collect guides, help my friends and colleagues play the game more efficiently and with more ease. We are trying to build a small Pokemon GO community here in Split, Croatia and this website was a part of that effort. We even held the first Croatian Pokemon GO meetup on Sunday.

Today, I published an article about new Pokemon GO servers in Europe and posted it on reddit. Things escalated quickly, and before I knew what was going on, my shared hosting provider e-mailed me about the surplus of traffic and inquired if I was accidentally provoking a DDoS attack by posting about Pokemon GO. It took a while to explain, but at the end they understood what was going on.

Anyway, you guys gave us more love, more attention and more upvotes than I ever expected. Thank you for that. /r/pokemongo – you guys are insane!