The Arrival of New Ultra Beasts Teased on Social Media

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With the Ultra Beasts Arrival Event ending in some parts of the world, new teasers are popping up on social media in the form of more ‘found footage’ style videos. It seems the remaining Ultra Beasts might be about to make their debut in Pokémon GO!

Poipole and their evolution Naganadel, Stakataka and Blacephalon are all shown in exiting new videos, much like the Ultra Beasts we have in game have been.



And finally, Necrozma is seen looming right at the very end of the video, their glowing eyes and teeth filling the screen. It seems while the Season of Light may be ending, the invasion of the Ultra Beasts is only just beginning. While Necrozma isn’t technically an Ultra Beast, it has very close ties to them, much like Cosmog, Cosmoen, Solgaleo and Lunala, and it is often said to be a ‘creature like an Ultra Beast’.


Necrozma has three additional forms:

  • Dusk Mane Necrozma, a dual-type Psychic and Steel fusion with Solgaleo using the N-Solarizer.
  • Dawn Wings Necrozma, a dual-type Psychic and Ghost fusion with Lunala using the N-Lunarizer.
  • Ultra Necrozma, a dual-type Psychic and Dragon form obtainable only in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, when either Dusk Mane Necrozma or Dawn Wings Necrozma holds the Ultranecrozium Z and uses Ultra Burst.

Poipole is an unusual Ultra Beast, as it is the only one with an evolution, evolving into Naganadel using 200 candies. Poipole is a pure Poison type, whilst Naganadel becomes a dual Poison and Dragon type. Naganadel is known as UB: Stinger, while Poipole is UB: Adhesive. Poipole originates from a place called the Ultra Megalopolis in Ultra Space, where it is popular as a starter Pokémon.


Stakataka is a Rock and Steel type, and resembles a sort of stone building on legs, it is also known as UB: Assembly. Stakataka is believed to be many smaller grey beings, that have combined together to make their current form.

Blacephalon is a dual Fire and Ghost type, and is referred to as UB: Burst. It’s appearance is based on clowns, and seems to fit the evil clown tropes commonly seen in horror movies. Their head is made of sparks, and they are known to make things explode.

With the new season yet to be announced, and December coming soon, it looks like we’ll be seeing more Ultra Wormholes coming soon! Which of these Pokémon are you looking forward to seeing make their debut?

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