UI Changes in Generation II update

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today’s video trailer for Generation II brought back an amazing amount of hype, while also confirming things we discovered earlier this week.

We are confident to say that the recent “German mall” leak is accurate and Generation II is indeed coming out this weekend.

With that in mind, let’s see some UI changes that are coming with the new Generation, as many of them are quite exciting.

We’ll be using a picture created by TheSilphRoad for this article:

Genders are releasing with Gen II

As we speculated earlier, Pokémon Genders are releasing with the Generation II update. Apparently, the genders are already in the game and being assigned to every Pokémon you catch, and now they will become visible.

There are no clues on how or if this relates to Pokémon Breeding.

Finally, a quick Ball and Berry Selector

In the new update, you’ll be able to use and switch between different types of PokéBalls and Berries right from the encounter screen.

Interestingly, the new Berry selector shows only 3 Berry types in the press kit, but we know there are more Berries in the code. Plus, there is a scroll bar on the right also, which also confirms the existence of more Berry types.

Minor UI fixes

Apart from these two big changes, there is a sleeve of smaller UI fixes.

The Camera and Escape icon are now outlined and less visible than before and the Pokémon profile page shows the evolved form silhouette on the Evolve button.

The infamous Shop icon is likely a shortcut which enables you to purchase PokéBalls while in an encounter.

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