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Mimikyu is a cute looking, fan-favorite Pokémon from the Alola region, that placed third in The Pokémon Of The Year 2020 Vote. According to Bulbapedia, “Mimikyu’s disguise is modelled after Pikachu because of the popularity of Pikachu-styled merchandise, thinking that its disguise would allow it to make friends with people.[1] Unfortunately, this attempt makes its disguise look more creepy.”

It is long overdue to be introduced into Pokémon GO, so we have to speculate and dive into its stats and future potential! Without further ado, let’s get right into it. 


As you may know by now, Mimikyu has yet to debut into the game. As its a dual Ghost and Fairy type Pokémon, it would make sense for it to drop during a Halloween focused event in October; maybe even this year. 

Not only that, Mimikyu also currently has traces of itself in the game. Two years ago during the same event, a costume Pikachu wearing a Mimikyu Costume was released into the game. And if you go into your in game shop, you can purchase a Mimikyu bag and Mimikyu hat to customize your avatar.

Mimikyu Bag
Mimikyu Hat
Mimikyu Costume Pikachu


These are all but few hints pointing towards Mimikyu’s release into Pokémon GO. In February of 2022, The PokéMiners had also reported Mimikyu’s addition into the Game Master. 

It had been teased alongside a wave of other Gen 7 Pokémon. Some of them have already been released, like Cutiefly and Morellul, whereas others are yet to make their debut, like Wishiwashi and…Mimikyu! Their stats, fast/charged moves and other details were also added, which will help us further analyse into their meta relevancy. 

Two Forms?!

I bet most of you had no clue about this: Mimikyu actually has two different forms! They are not widely known or emphasized like Furfrou’s but yes, they do exist. The two forms are: Disguised and Busted. We could see a form change phenomenon with Mimikyu as well, just like what we have right now with Furfrou and Hoopa. Or it could be caught with different forms in the wild like Scatterbug. 

Mimikyu (Disguised)
Mimikyu (Busted)

The Shiny

Shiny Mimikyu is quite simple. All the color has been drained out of his body to create a dull, black-and-white tone. It is still very subtle and looks distinct from its original, which all shinies should; looking at you Shedinja

Shiny Mimikyu

The Stats

As I said before, Mimkyu has a dual typing of Ghost and Fairy. In Pokémon GO, it will have a max CP of 2516, and these stats:

Attack: 177

Defense: 199

HP: 146

And these are the moves it would potentially learn:

Charm Play Rough
Shadow Claw Shadow Sneak
  Shadow Ball



Mimikyu, unfortunately, has very low stats, and a very low max CP. It won’t be useful as a raid attacker, with so many better performing Fairy and Ghost types like Giratina(Origin), Shadow Gardevoir, and Togekiss. 

According to Gamepress, as an overall Fairy type raid attacker, Mimikyu will rank #17, with the moveset of Charm and Play Rough. And as an overall Ghost type rid attacker, it will rank #47.


In the GO Battle League, it is possible that Mimikyu sees some play. It has access to a great moveset, and all of them qualify for STAB. Charm (even after the nerf), and Shadow Claw are two great fast moves for PVP. Added:

Trevanant, Sableye, Runerigus and Cofagrigus are just some of the good GL Pokémon that use Shadow Claw as their preferred fast moves. With the moveset of Shadow Claw/Play Rough-Shadow Ball, Mimikyu could become instant Meta(like Trev!) Shadow Ball would give it better coverage against Steel types that would deal super effective damage like Registeel, Stunfisk and Skarmory and Play Rough would crush those neutral Dark typing Pokémon like Mandibuzz, Umbreon and Scrafty. Added: Fighting type moves would also be double resisted with a typing of Fairy and Ghost. Shadow Sneak could be used as a bait move, but it is a very bad move for PVP.

AdThe only place where Mimikyu would be ar loss in PvP is that its defense and HP stats are low, so it would have no bulk. Even Trevenant has higher stats than Mimikyu which leads to the point that it will be an absolute glass cannon. It would do very well as a closer, with two shields to finish the game strong with its hard-hitting charged moves, or Shadow Sneak as a bait. 

A Future Evolution?

Credit: PT Evolution Art

Since Mimikyu has no evolutions, it is possible that in one of the upcoming generations, we see an evolution, just like what happened with Dunsparce (it now evolves into Dudunsparce in Gen 9). So it might be wise to keep a good IV Mimikyu in your inventory just in case it gets an evolution, and who knows if it could be meta-relevant or not. 



To conclude, Mimikyu is going to be a great addition to Pokémon GO, and I can’t wait for its release. 

Do you want to Mimikyu to be released? What other Added: Pokémon do you think I should feature in Episode 3 of Unreleased Favorites? Let me know in the comments below, and until next time, trainers!

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