Pokemon Sun and Moon Fortune Teller Buffs

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Fortune Teller Buffs

Often considered useless, but the Fortune Tellers have a good chance to buff some of the “Festival Coin profitable” mechanics (even Festival Plaza missions!).

These are the mechanics that can be buffed:

  • Wonder Trade (WT)
  • GTS
  • Battle Spot (BS)
  • Festival Plaza (FP) (Includes talking to guests)
  • Missions

Fortune Teller Buffs

Phrase Wonder Trade GTS Battle Spot Festival Plaza Mission
Decent x2 x2 x2 x2 x1.1
Good x3 x3 x3 x3 x1.2
Very Good x4 x4 x4 x4 x1.5


Buff Mechanics

Do these buffs stack?

  • Same buffs in the same category do not stack. If you get a “decent” and a “very good” for GTS, the stronger one (x4) overwrites the weaker one (x2).
  • Wonder trade, GTS and Battle Spot buffs will stack with the Festival Plaza buff
  • The Mission Buff does not stack with anything
  • If you get rid of the fortune teller that gave you the buff, the buff will disappear instantly.
  • The phrases the fortune teller give does not seem to be softreset-able
  • The buff will be in effect until the date change (00:00) of the console date & time

This is why it is recommended to get multiple fortune tellers in order to RNG out more favorable fortunes. The fortune teller tents come in 6 variations and in five ranks (1~5). The higher the rank, the more favorable the fortune is likely to be (higher multipliers).

Recommended Farming with Fortune Tellers

Wonder Trade is the most effective method, as it can be finished under 1 minute and yields 32 Festival Coins. In theory, you can achieve around 2000+ FC per hour if you manage to get two buffs with x4 multipliers.

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