Pokémon Sun and Moon Power Leveling with Rare Kitchens

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Sun and Moon Power leveling with Rare Kitchens

A quick method that enables you to power level any Pokémon to Level 100 in just under two hours. The method is generic and applicable to any Pokémon you can obtain in Sun and Moon, but it’s mostly intended to be used with Legendary and Shiny Pokémon.The steps are simple to follow, but come with some warnings. Please obey the warnings to reduce the cost of Rare Candy that’s needed.

  • Level your Legendary or Shiny to Level 66 through the Elite Four
    • Do not level past Level 66!
    • Do not begin power leveling Before Level 66!
  • Order Rare Dinner in your Rare Kitchens
    • 1st Rare Dinner => Level 73
    • 2nd Rare Dinner => Level 80
  • Order Rare Buffets to level up further
    • Level 80 => Level 89
    • Level 89 => Level 98
  • Use the 2 Rare Candies to finish Leveling up
    • Level 98 => Level 100

How to set it up

To set this up you need the following:

  • Be in the post game
  • 4500 Festival Coins (2 Rare Kitchen Level 5, more info in the FAQ)
  • Festival Plaza (at least level 30, about 2200 lifetime FC): this will unlock Secret Services in the Rare Kitchens
  • 4 hours of your life
    • 3000 FC are spent by using 40 FC per mission
    • Each Mission lasts around 3 minutes

Instruction: You need to collect 3000FC. Ask 2 visitors to introduce you to their facilities. For this method, we need two Rare Kitchens at Level 5, which costs 1500FC for the first one and 3000FC for the second one. Once you have everything set up, you’re ready.

Frequently asked questions

What will this system allow you to do once it’s ready?

It will allow you to level up one Pokémon per day to Level 100 in a about 2 hours. Maybe it will take a bit longer. But once set up, you’re ready to farm Level 100 Pokémon daily.

Is this method more efficient than breeding for regular Pokémon?

The short answer is no. For breedable Pokémon it is a lot faster faster to just breed them with a Perfect 6IV Ditto until you obtain favorable IV.

Then what’s the point of this guide?

This method allows you to Power Level Legendaries (which only have 3 Perfect IVs) to Level 100. Further, you can hyper train the Legendaries in order to have excellent competitive legendaries. The same applies for shiny Pokémon with sub perfect stats.

Ok, sounds interesting: what’s the in game cost of using this method once ready?

For each Pokémon you want to Power Level you will need:

  • 1 trip through the Elite Four (about 30 min)
  • 800 Festival Coins (about 75 min)
  • 2 Rare Candies

I read somewhere that I need to find 2 random visitors with Rare Kitchen Level 5 if I want to use this?

Well, yes, but don’t panic, there is a Festival Plaza subreddit dedicated to sharing facilities. If you have no friends who have Rare Kitchen, you can ask on this subreddit and someone will help you.

I’ve ran out of Rare Candy, where do I get more?

The way to get unlimited Rare Candy is to grind BP at the Battle Tree. Each Rare Candy costs 48BP, which means that for this method you need 96BP if you’re buying everything.

The Battle Tree is way too hard!

True it can be at times. There is a guide coming on how to through super singles with a special team. Maybe that’ll help.

Do I really need to grind 4500 Festival Coins?

Yes and no. You could attempt running one Level 5 Rare Kitchen and one Level 4 Rare Kitchen. This will reduce the requirement to 2700 FC, but increase the Rare Candy needed from to 7 per Pokémon.

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