Soft Resetting for easy FC in Festival Plaza

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Soft Resetting for easy FC in Festival Plaza in Sun and Moon

Originally posted on /r/pokemon by Bacon_n_Lettuce

So a while back I saw a post here or somewhere else about a method for grinding FC that I’ve found to be very useful, but I’ve noticed that not many people seem to aware of it and opt for doing festival plaza missions instead, which are not only tedious but inefficient. As I haven’t been able to find that post again, I thought I’d outline the method here for anyone interested.The Setup

For this method, you will be collecting FC from the visitors that populate the plaza itself rather than missions, so it would be beneficial to have a decent amount of people in your VIP list (as VIPs give more FC when you answer their questions), and to have some fortune teller tents so you can hopefully get a plaza-wide buff from them. Up to 10 VIPs can appear in the plaza at once, so make sure you have at least that many, and 5 star fortune teller tents are more likely to give out better buffs.

The Method

The main gist of this method is that you will be collecting FC by talking to the visiting characters in the plaza while offline, then connecting to the internet so that the game autosaves, then disconnecting and soft resetting. When you save through connecting to the internet in the plaza, the game records all of the changes you’ve made within the plaza EXCEPT for who you’ve talked to. This means that when you soft reset and come back, you will have all of the FC that you collected, but the visitors and your VIPs will still ask the same questions and reward you with the same amount of FC each time you respond. There’s no limit to how many times you can do this, but the questions that the visitors ask do change every hour.

Step By Step Guide

  • Open festival plaza while offline.
  • Talk to any visitors with a red text box and answer their questions to collect FC.
  • Tap the wifi icon and connect to the internet; the game will autosave.
  • Once you see your character onscreen again, exit festival plaza in order to safely disconnect (I don’t know what happens if you soft reset while connected, and haven’t wanted to risk finding out)
  • Soft reset when you’re back in the overworld WITHOUT saving (otherwise the game will record who you talked to in the plaza).
  • Go back into festival plaza and repeat the process until you’re satisfied.

And that’s all there is to it. With only a “decent” buff to festival plaza from fortune tents, I’ve managed to get a little over 4000 FC in a half hour using this method, which is definitely a lot better than the 400 – 500 you could get in the same amount of time through type matchup missions. With the highest buff and a lot of people asking high-yielding questions, I’d imagine you could get quite a lot of FC without spending much time at all.

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