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It’s always hard to decide what to remove from your bags, especially when you’re a lower level player, as everything seems important.

Until you reach level 20, don’t feel pressured to remove anything, with the exception of items you have in abundance. Until you hit level 20, common candidates for removal are:

  • Revives as you should not be participating in Gym battles a lot, it’s too expensive
  • Potions for the same reason
  • Nanab Berries, as they’re rather useless

Once you hit Level 20, but before you hit Level 25, your priority list will stay almost the same:

  • Potions as they become inefficient and very slow to heal
  • Nanab Berries, as they’re rather useless
  • Revives, but not aggressively, as you’re starting participate in Gyms

Above Level 25, your “safe-to-remove” list grows a bit, as you are unlocking higher tier items. We are also starting to conserve Revives:

  • Any Potions below Hyper Potion
  • Poké Balls if you have abundance of Great and Ultra Balls
  • Nanab Berries, as they remain useless

Once you finally hit Level 30, you already know what to keep (Hyper/Max Potions, Normal/Max Revives, etc).

  • Edmund

    I use Nanab Berries on thing such as pidgy. I hate when I’m catching commons (for the stardust and Lucky Egg mass evolve sessions) and they dodge or attack making me waste lots pokeballs.
    But yes one of the first thing to go when I need room is the
    Nanab Berries.

  • GonzoI

    How is it “too expensive” to battle at low level? It’s costing the things you’re recommending they throw out.

    Nanab berries can always be junked, but what you throw out depends on what you typically use. If you’re always running out of revives, but pokeballs pile up then you dump pokeballs. If pokeballs are in short supply but you rarely battle, then you dump extra revives. Personally, I set a minimum number of each thing based on what I can use in a typical day and never throw away below that number.

    • GO Hub Admin

      Hi Gonzol!

      It’s simple, you spend time and Potions achieving low to zero progress. It’s expensive not to do anything.

      • Mike Smith

        Getting on gyms is the way to get coins so players lacking in storage space might want to think twice

      • GonzoI

        Since you’re going to dump the potions anyway, it’s only costing time.

        You aren’t going to have a lot of luck against high level enemy gyms with Blisseys, but prestiging benefits from the level adjust. Someone at even level 5 can effectively prestige to get on a gym.

  • Jeff C.

    I’ve been up against the 1000 item limit for a while now, I’m getting close to level 33. I usually keep an equal number of Max Potions and Revives (currently I have 30 of each). Then I stock up on Max revives, currently I have 36 of these. If I get lucky and pick up a bunch of Max revives then I bring the number of Max Potions and Revives down. For the berries I tend to keep only 20 Razz Berry’s and I limit myself to only 10 Nanab Berry’s since I almost never use them. Pinap Berry’s I keep as many on hand as I can, currently I have 65. For Poke balls I usually have around 200 Poke Balls, 200 Great Balls and 400 Ultra balls. I keep the Poke Balls for when I XP or Stardust farm and I walk around with the Go Plus since it’s the only ball it will throw. I’m lucky that there is a Poke Stop in my backyard so I can sit here and spin the stop every 5 minutes to replenish my items when I’m home.

  • Lyrellia Naughton

    Pokeballs are very dependant on your playstyle. If you use a goplus, redballs become rarer than even yellow balls, so it becomes the blue balls you throw away. Without a goplus, redballs just clog up your inv and should be the first thing to go.
    Apart from nanab berries of course, but rather than throw them away, take a gym, put in a blissey or tyranitar (if they are both already present, stick in a rat instead), then shovel all the offending nanab berries down the throat of the blissey and tyranitar for free stardust and a roll at free chansey/larvitar candy.
    In fact, with the current raid system, you might as well do the same with regular razz berries too, golden ones are so common any pokemon that justifies a razzberry might as well get a golden one.