What is the best thing to remove from your bag, when the bag is full?

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Asked by Zigor Gaming on Twitter

It’s always hard to decide what to remove from your bags, especially when you’re a lower level player, as everything seems important.

Until you reach level 20, don’t feel pressured to remove anything, with the exception of items you have in abundance. Until you hit level 20, common candidates for removal are:

  • Revives as you should not be participating in Gym battles a lot, it’s too expensive
  • Potions for the same reason
  • Nanab Berries, as they’re rather useless

Once you hit Level 20, but before you hit Level 25, your priority list will stay almost the same:

  • Potions as they become inefficient and very slow to heal
  • Nanab Berries, as they’re rather useless
  • Revives, but not aggressively, as you’re starting participate in Gyms

Above Level 25, your “safe-to-remove” list grows a bit, as you are unlocking higher tier items. We are also starting to conserve Revives:

  • Any Potions below Hyper Potion
  • Poké Balls if you have abundance of Great and Ultra Balls
  • Nanab Berries, as they remain useless

Once you finally hit Level 30, you already know what to keep (Hyper/Max Potions, Normal/Max Revives, etc).

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