How long is the raid timer?

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For all Tier 1 – 4 raids the raid timer is 180 seconds long. Tier 5 timer is 300 seconds long. There is no limit for the capture encounter duration – you can catch as long as you want.

Common questions that are related to this one:

  • Can I join in the last X minutes of a raid?
    • You can start the raid at any moment during it’s availability, but if you have to rejoin and the raid has timed out in the mean time, you won’t be able to rejoin and your EX pass is gone. Same goes for capture encounters – in case of error, you can’t rejoin the encounter. We recommend not starting raids in the last 5 minutes of the timer.
  • How long do raids appear on the map?
    • Around an hour.
  • Is the boss locked inside the weather the fight started in?
    • No, it’s locked inside the weather that was active when the capture encounter has started.

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