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The original question was “Can you show us CP for all Eevee evos? Just caught a 100%IV eevee I’m willing to wait for future Gens.”, but we edited it a bit for sake of brevity.

As far as Eeveelutions go, you should always save your 100% IV Eevees. On one hand, you want strong Eevees for future evolutions and on the other hand, Eevee is a staple Pokémon for a number of different purposes.

Saving an Eevee can lead to early Gym dominance as new Generations roll out, to better performance in the upcoming PvP system and you’re passively future proofing your Trainer.

Here are Max CP values for all Eeveelutions:

Eeveelution Type Generation Max CP
Vaporeon water Gen 1 3157
Jolteon electric Gen 1 2730
Flareon fire Gen 1 2904
Espeon psychic Gen 2 3000
Umbreon dark Gen 2 2052
Leafeon grass Gen 4 2849
Glaceon ice Gen 4 2866
Sylveon fairy Gen 6 3094
  • GonzoI

    Since the level cap is 39, it’s actually:
    Vaporeon: 3112
    Jolteon: 2691
    Flareon: 2863
    Espeon: 2958
    Umbreon: 2023
    Leafeon: 2808
    Glaceon: 2825
    Sylveon: 3050

    • Antonio Pavlinovic

      Comes down to same GO Hub just includes the additional level 40 upgrade.

      • GonzoI

        There is no level 40 upgrade. It’s purely speculation on what a cutoff midway through trainer level 39 would be (if the button never went away, level 40 players would be able to power up to level 41.5 pokemon).