Concept: Ditto as a raid boss?

Keep in mind, this is purely speculation and a hypothetical concept article about Ditto as a raid boss! It is written for fun and should be read for fun.

With raid bosses changing all the time, people are always challenging themselves on whether they can solo a Pokemon or not. One Pokemon that many may not have considered being a big challenge is Ditto, the Transform Pokemon. This Pokemon could pose a real challenge due to many different possibilities, and test trainers on their knowledge of Pokemon.

Raiding Ditto

If Niantic were to ever release Ditto as a raid boss, I imagine that it would likely be a tier 3 raid boss, as to not make it too, easy, but to also make it a challenge. As a tier 3 raid boss, its raid CP would be “only” 5977, but there’s a catch: Ditto knows Transform.


This attack would allow it to transform into your Pokemon, scaling its raid CP to that of whatever you are using. So say you were to have an Arcanine as your first Pokemon on your team, the Ditto would transform into your flaming pup and it’s CP would scale to a whopping 17832. That’s no pushover and you would have to be prepared to fight whatever it is you planned to use against it. What it transforms into could entirely depend on what Pokemon the first person to deal damage to it is, or whoever started the lobby’s first Pokemon.

However, I could imagine Niantic would put some form of restrictions – or preparations on Ditto in raids to not make it nearly as easy to take down based on what you plan on using against it. Something they could do is make it to when it transforms, it scales appropriately based on several potential factors:

  • What Pokemon is being used
  • Is it an evolved stage, and if so which stage is it
  • Is it a standalone Pokemon (No evolutions)
  • Is it a legendary
  • Is it a mythical

Based on some of these factors, perhaps Ditto when transforming, would become anywhere from staying a Tier 3 raid boss when transforming, all the way to being potentially at Tier 5 strength based on what you pick. As an example, say you use a Pidgey first to try and make this easy. Instead of Ditto transforming into a Tier 3 Pidgey at 5138 CP, it would instead turn into a Tier 5 Pidgey with 12845 CP, to keep the challenge at a relatively equal level.

I have put together a small table to explain my thoughts below:

Type of Pokemon Scale to Tier # CP Range
Base Stage Pokemon
(Treecko, Pidgey, Oddish, etc.)
Tier 5 Appx 10000-17000
Stage 1 Pokemon
(Pikachu, Lopunny, Arcanine, etc.)
Tier 3-4 Appx 10000-20000
Stage 2 Pokemon
(Charizard, Vileplume, Luxray, etc.)
Tier 3 Appx 15000-20000
Standalone Pokemon
(Dunsparce, Delibird, Chatot, etc.)
Tier 4 Appx 10000-25000
(Mewtwo, Palkia, Raikou, etc.)
Tier 3 Appx 20000-30000
(Mew, Celebi, Shaymin, etc.)
Tier 3 Appx 15000-20000

Potential Catch Encounters

Now this one can be a bit tricky because Niantic could implement several different outcomes of what happens here, and it could make things even trickier depending on what you used against it.

One of at least 2 things could happen here – either an encounter with Ditto itself or an encounter of it transformed into whatever you fought it with, making its catch rate scale to approximately whatever it transformed into – pick your fighters carefully. Now, this can be a great way to introduce shiny Ditto into the game as well, giving players that beautiful blue blob to add to their collection.

Depending on which of the two encounter screens you’re given, you’d either see the blue Ditto as soon as the encounter begins or after the catch goes “Oh?” and transforms into the shiny Ditto.

Ditto Shiny Ditto


If Ditto were to ever become a raid boss, we, of course, would release a graphic, and just for the occasion, the awesome OrangeHeart put together this graphic for you!