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Ever since Rainbows were discovered in the Game Master Files a few weeks ago, Trainers have been busy speculating and guessing what this new Weather Pattern actually does, and until now, no one is really sure.

Here we are going to take a look at the different effects that Rainbow Weather could cause in-game, and the likelihood of said effects. Please note that this is only speculation, and is subject to change.

The Rainbow (as of 1.105.1)

As of this update, there has only been one instance of code referencing the Rainbow. This new weather pattern was originally discovered in the 0.105.0 APK Mine which was nicknamed “Under the Alolan Sun” (more reference to this later).

The code referencing the Rainbow refers to it as “Special Weather“, however as of now, the way it is being used is different than what Trainers first anticipated.

As of the current update, Rainbows have “unofficially” made their way into the game, with Trainers reporting being able to see a Rainbow in the sky, however with what appears to be no effect. The Rainbow has been reported to appear in cloudy, partly cloudy, and rain weather, although it is currently unsure if it will continue to appear as so, or if it will appear as an in-game weather pattern such as the others that we have. From current reports however, Trainers appear to say that the Rainbow appears for an average of 10 minutes, meaning it entitles something limited.

It is also important to note that as of this update, the Rainbow has reportedly been seen by multiple users in the same location, and individually.

The Alolan Theory

The Alolan Theory refers to the Rainbow causing Alolan Variations to spawn, it is insure however if Rainbow weather would exclusively spawn Alolan Variations, or if it would simply create an increase of their spawn.


The reason why Trainers have speculated that this theory may be correct, is because of the timing at which the Rainbow code was introduced, coincidentally being at around the same time that Alolan Variations were starting to be referenced, and seemingly starting to appear once Alolan Exeggutor started to spawn.


Once a Rainbow appears, Alolan Variations start to spawn, the peculiar weather pattern creates the ideal climate for Alolan Pokémon to appear in the wild, giving Trainers a limited opportunity to go out and catch these rare variations of their favorite Kanto Pokémon.


Considering that in the majority of cases, Rainbows have been reported as being individual, this would completely go in opposite direction of how Alolan Variations spawn, they spawn as their own entity (unlike shinies, which appear normal until you tap on them). Considering that Rainbows can be individual, this would indicate that the likelihood of Alolan Variations appearing is low.

Similarly, if Rainbows do become their own weather pattern, this would bring the likelihood of this theory very high, since Alolan Variations appear to everyone, this would go hand-in-hand with a Rainbow Weather Pattern.


Based on these accounts, unless Rainbows become universal to Trainers instead of individual, we have to give the Alolan Theory a 6.5/10 score. It’s possible and interesting, but impossible as of now.

The Shiny Theory

The Shiny Theory refers to the Rainbow causing Shiny Pokémon to appear in higher frequency. There are no said numbers or statistics on exact Shiny Rates (as it does vary for Trainers), but a good point of reference we could consider is the nearly 15% reported on Community Day.


There isn’t really any information to back-up this theory, but with the addition of more and more Shinies as the game progresses, one of the most common Theories we have heard is that Rainbows cause an increase in Shinies to appear. As of now there is no statistical evidence of this happening in its current state, but time will tell.


Once a Rainbow appears, Shiny Pokémon start to spawn in increase, the magical weather pattern creates the perfect climate for Shiny Pokémon to appear in the wild, giving Trainers a higher opportunity of encountering one in the wild.


The likelihood of this happening is varied, since there is no real reasoning to back this idea up, we are relying solely on the wishes of Trainers, something that hasn’t reaped much success in the past. However, in either case scenario, whether Rainbows become individual or universal, there is a silver lining.

If Rainbows become individual to Trainers, this could work considering that Shiny Rates appear to be completely random for Trainers, so if a Rainbow is individual, it wouldn’t cause a noticeable effect to others or impact negatively.

Similarly, if Rainbows become universal, this could also work as we already see an instance of this on Community Day where Shiny rates for the most part appear to be Universal.


Based on this information, Rainbow weather could actually implement this, however there is no actual information or reasoning to back it up, and since it’s seemingly only a Trainers wish-list of things, we have to give the Shiny Theory a 4.5/10 score. If any evidence happens to appear indicating a relation between Shiny Rates and rainbows, then consider the Shiny Theory confirmed.

The Everything Theory

What is a Rainbow? It isn’t just one color or one light, it is a combination of many, and because of that, some have speculated that the Rainbow could boost every Pokémon Type.


As its name entails, the Everything Theory is based on the fact of what a Rainbow represents, and visually, it represents a composition of colors that make up all other colors.

Similarly, by taking that definition and translating it over to Pokémon, one could guess that this would mean that Rainbow weather boosts every single Pokémon type.


Once a Rainbow appears, Pokémon from all types start to spawn, the colorful weather pattern creates a diverse climate for all types of Pokémon to appear in the wild, giving Trainers a chance at catching Pokémon types that are uncommon to their areas.


In comparison to other theories, the Everything theory only has a representative basis, and with not a single statistic or informative reference to it, the likelihood of this occurring is low.

Apart from this, this theory relies on Rainbows becoming Universal (similarly to the Alolan Theory), as it would be impossible for this to occur to Trainers individually. Although this would be highly adored by many Rural Trainers, we believe that this weather pattern could destroy the entire purpose of Biomes or Pokémon Nest.


Based on this idea, Rainbow weather would have to rely on Rainbows becoming Universal, and although the idea would be praised by some Trainers, the backlash that it could provide may be unwanted. For these reasons, we have to give the Everything Theory a 3/10 score. It’s a fun idea, but with nothing factual to back it or nothing to go for it, that’s all we can give it.

The Bonus Theory

With most in-game activities and events creating some sort of reward for Trainers for being active, it only makes sense that Rainbow weather would also do something of the sorts and create a Bonus for Trainers.


It’s actually quite simple, every weather pattern currently offers bonus stardust for catching Pokémon of a corresponding typing, and similarly we can expect Rainbow weather to also do so, however Rainbow weather could be the first weather pattern to pay special attention to these Bonuses and not only reward Trainers with 2-3x the Stardust, but XP as well!


Once a Rainbow appears, active Trainers can earn special rewards such as bonus XP and bonus Stardust, this applies to all in-game actions, from participating in raids, to catching or evolving Pokémon, to being active in Gyms, and everything in between!


In all honesty, bonuses are easy to come by especially with the high amount of events currently in Pokémon Go, so it is not too Farfetch’d (pun intended) to believe that there could very well be a weather pattern that specializes in doing exactly that.

The likelihood of this happening is actually high, considering that if Rainbows become individual or universal, there are already similar measures for both. If Rainbows are individual, it is the same as applying a Star Piece and Lucky Egg, and if it’s universal, it is the same as applying a special bonus on Community Day, so the Bonus Theory knows no boundaries.


Considering how Bonuses are already a common sight,we are almost certain that Rainbow Weather would entitle some kind of Bonus, no matter what it is. It has a Pokémon Go historically accurate occurrence, and it would be something that many Trainers could take part in and have fun doing. Because of these reasons, we have to give the Bonus Theory a 9/10 score. Rainbow weather may not only offer bonuses, but we are almost sure that it will include it along with something else.

The Honorable Mentions

These are the theories that we thought were interesting enough to mention, but not substantial or popular enough to push further.

The Candy Theory

This theory refers to the probability that Rainbow weather may cause a double candy bonus to appear, it would have to rely on universal Rainbow weather and would have to apply to many areas of the game, otherwise it will only force Trainers to run out and hatch eggs that instance, and many Trainers might not be fond of doing so without preparation.

The Legendary Theory

Out of all theories, this is probably the unlikeliest one. This theory references that Rainbow Weather could cause something unimaginable, the ability for Legendaries to spawn in the wild (at a close to 0% spawn rate). Although this may cater to some Trainers, others might find this idea upsetting especially after the Field Research Update.

The Unown Theory

Similarly to the Legendary Theory, the Unown Theory refers to increasing the spawn rate of Unown in the wild, although Unown can be found out and about, it is not common enough for Trainers to encounter easily, however we do not expect this to happen since Niantic tends to hold onto them for special events.

The Nothing Theory

Out of all the Theories up until now, we can only hope that this one is the unlikeliest. The Nothing Theory explains that Rainbow Weather causes nothing, it is an individual anomaly, and only serves as an aesthetic item for Trainers to see in-game. Let’s just hope that this isn’t the case.

Final Notes

After seeing all of these different Theories, it only makes sense that something is bound to come from the Rainbow Weather, however big or small it may be, you can trust that we will be searching for more information on it in our APK Mines.

So what Theory do you agree with? And better yet, what’s your theory on the Rainbow Weather?

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