CONFIRMED! Professor Willow confirms that Candies are made of Pokémon


In a leaked recording from the behind the scenes of “The Two Professors”, Professor Willow and Professor Oak are discussing where Professor Willow store the Pokémon his Research Aides are sending.

The conversation heard is as follows:

Willow: “Hello there? Professor Oak? Can you hear me?”

Oak: “Why, hello there, Willow, my boy! What Pokémon are you going to send me today?”

Willow: “Actually Professor, I’ve already grinded up the Pokémon shipment from March. The Weather Event filled the machine with tons of Castform.”

Oak: “You don’t say? Have you saved some Rayquaza from last weekend?”

Willow: “Of course! It’s been a while since my aides transferred one from me.  I will send a few of them for you, if you have the space.”

Oak: “I always have the space. It’s your lab that I’m worried of. For the last 5 years, your lab has been filled with tons of Pokémon. I’m not surprised you decided to grind them all up to save space there.”

Willow: “I don’t grind them all up. Only those that are common and have no use for research. Oh, and Quagsire. I love Quagsire.”

Oak: *laughs* “Who doesn’t? I love its squishy face”

Willow: “I do compensate my aides with some candy in return. Just so they don’t feel bad when they transfer their Pokémon to me.”

Oak: “Well, you are the leading expert on using Pokémon mince to strengthen Pokémon, and Mr. Rare Candy himself. I hope you discover more stuff like that.”

Willow: “Actually Professor, I am sending you a Pokémon. It’s a special one.”

After that, they continue to talk about Meltan as shown in the episode.

We asked both Professor Willow and Professor Oak for comments regarding the leak but we have yet to receive a response. We did get a response from all the Team Leaders while getting our Pokémon appraised.

Candela, Team Valor’s Leader, has commented, “Overall, your story simply amazes me. It can accomplish anything!”

Spark, Team Instinct’s Leader, chimed in and said, “Overall, your story looks like it can really battle with the best of them!”

Blanche, Team Mystic’s leader, has added, “Overall, your story is a wonder! What a breathtaking Pokémon!”

We’ll update the story as it unfolds. You can listen to the full conversation right here:

DISCLAIMER: If you are still reading this, you might be thinking “What the hell?” That’s because this article is written for April Fools 2021. 🙂

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