Necrozma Raid Guide

Necrozma is a pure Psychic type 5-tier Raid boss. You should bring your strongest Bug, Dark, and Ghost types to make quick work of this challenging battle. Shiny Necrozma is available in Pokémon GO for those battling in person at GO Fest Sendai, Madrid and New York. It will become available globally during the Global GO Fest. You can capture Necrozma in the following CP ranges:

  • 2018 CP – 2104 CP at Level 20, no weather boost
  • 2522 CP – 2630 CP at Level 25 with Windy weather boost

Necrozma can prove to be a challenge without the right setup of Pokémon. We suggest a minimum group size of 3 – 7 Trainers to defeat Necrozma in a 5-tier Raid.

Necrozma Raid Counters Raid icon

The best Necrozma raid counters according to our GO Hub battle simulator for Necrozma are:

# Pokemon Fast Move Charge Move TTW Faints
1. Tyranitar (Mega) BiteDark Brutal SwingDark 476s 13
2. Necrozma (Dawn Wings) Shadow ClawGhost Moongeist Beam*Ghost 428s 23
3. Gengar (Mega) Lick*Ghost Shadow BallGhost 423s 33
4. Tyranitar (Shadow) BiteDark Brutal SwingDark 468s 20
5. Banette (Mega) Shadow ClawGhost Shadow BallGhost 467s 36
6. Chandelure (Shadow) HexGhost Shadow BallGhost 467s 37
7. Rayquaza (Mega) Dragon TailDragon Dragon AscentFlying 510s 23
8. Houndoom (Mega) SnarlDark Foul PlayDark 542s 19
9. Gengar (Shadow) Lick*Ghost Shadow BallGhost 456s 53
10. Mewtwo (Shadow) Psycho CutPsychic Shadow Ball*Ghost 517s 30
11. Gyarados (Mega) BiteDark CrunchDark 606s 15
12. Tyranitar BiteDark Brutal SwingDark 565s 20
13. Cursola (Shadow) HexGhost Shadow BallGhost 496s 43
14. Hydreigon BiteDark Brutal Swing*Dark 555s 23
15. Weavile (Shadow) SnarlDark Foul PlayDark 530s 34
16. Darkrai SnarlDark Shadow BallGhost 579s 23
17. Absol (Mega) SnarlDark Dark PulseDark 546s 33
18. Heracross (Mega) Struggle BugBug MegahornBug 562s 28
19. Necrozma (Dusk Mane) Shadow ClawGhost Sunsteel Strike*Steel 599s 21
20. Pinsir (Mega) Bug BiteBug X-ScissorBug 565s 29
21. Alakazam (Mega) Psycho CutPsychic Shadow BallGhost 552s 34
22. Gholdengo HexGhost Shadow BallGhost 587s 25
23. Houndoom (Shadow) SnarlDark Foul PlayDark 569s 30
24. Honchkrow (Shadow) SnarlDark Dark PulseDark 554s 36
25. Giratina (Origin) Shadow ClawGhost Shadow Force*Ghost 585s 27
26. Scizor (Mega) Fury CutterBug X-ScissorBug 625s 21
27. Chandelure HexGhost Shadow BallGhost 561s 38
28. Volcarona Bug BiteBug Bug BuzzBug 598s 28
29. Hoopa (Unbound) AstonishGhost Shadow BallGhost 608s 27
30. Gardevoir (Mega) Magical LeafGrass Shadow BallGhost 605s 28

* marks a legacy move

Necrozma Stats and Match-ups Raid icon

Necrozma Normal
Max CP at Level 40 3682 | Max CP at Level 50 4163
ATK 251 DEF 195 HP 219
Weak to Strong Against
BugDarkGhost  FightingPsychic

Necrozma Moveset Raid icon

Fast Moves Charge Moves
  • Shadow Claw Ghost
  • Psycho Cut Psychic
  • Metal Claw Steel
  • Dark Pulse Dark
  • Iron Head Steel
  • Future Sight Psychic
  • Outrage Dragon

Necrozma Sprites Raid icon

Regular Sprite Shiny Sprite


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