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Egg hatching plays a big part in Pokemon Go. From the exclusive “baby” Pokemon that can only be obtained in eggs to those ever elusive 10Km eggs. You can pick them up randomly from any Pokestop in the game (providing you have space for them.)

The below chart outlines the different types of eggs and their appearances.

Type of Egg

Requirements to Hatch








Which Pokemon are available in each egg? (Updated 07.02.18)


Chart courtesy of Gamepress.


How to incubate a new egg.

  1. Go to your Pokémon Egg screen.
  2. Tap on the Pokémon Egg you want to Incubate.
  3. Tap on Start Incubation.
  4. Tap on the Incubator you want to use.

Hatching eggs

To hatch eggs you must walk them a set distance (see above.) Pokemon go will track the distance you walk whilst the app is active (whilst you play) and at routine intervals it will “add” a value to your eggs. Distance is usually added in increments of 0.3/0.4 km at a time (providing you aren’t going too fast.) Once you have met the distance required for an egg, it will hatch presenting you with a random Pokemon from a pool of available mons.

What else is in an egg?

  • 2KM egg: 200 XP, 5 to 15 candies, 500-1500 Stardust.
  • 5KM egg: 500 XP, 10 to 21 candies, 1000-2100 Stardust.
  • 10KM egg: 1000 XP, 16 to 32 candies, 1600-3200 Stardust.

Egg hatching and IVs

A Pokemon’s IV’s (or individual values) are guaranteed to be better if you obtain them from a hatched egg. Every wild Pokemon spawn in the game can have an IV spread of between 0-100% but with eggs you are guaranteed an IV spread of at-least 66% or better.

You have an 62.5% chance at hatching a Pokemon with IVs of 82.2% or better and the chance at getting a perfect hatch or 100% IV Pokemon is around 0.46% (or just under 1 in 500.)

Methods to help track distance

Its generally believed that walking or jogging at a light pace is the best way to get the game to track your distance although some prefer to cycle at a slow pace (be careful if doing this!) The maximum speed you can go and have the game track distances is thought to be 10.5Km/H, if you stay under this speed the game will continue to track your distances traveled.

Items that can help

The Pokemon Go Plus accessory can be used to track distance for your eggs. This links to your phone and game via Bluetooth and the app does not have to be active (can be open in the background) or your phone can be locked (thus saving precious battery power) and the Go Plus will still accumulate distance for you.

The Apple watch app can be downloaded and paired with the game to help track distance for your eggs.

Additional incubators

You can purchase additional incubators via the in-game store. These are as follows:

Three use incubator – Breaks after 3 uses – costs 150 coins.

Super Incubator – Breaks after 3 uses but cuts the distance required to walk an egg by x 0.6. – Usually available as part of a special box and sometimes available for 200 coins each.

For the best value, use your infinite incubator for 2Km eggs and any additional limited use incubators for 5Km or 10Km eggs.


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