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The Pokéball. The staple of the all Pokémon games and your ticket to obtaining that ??? CP Snorlax you happened to stumble upon on your way home from work. There are several types of ball available currently in Pokémon GO and this article aims to explain each one, their catch multipliers (more on that later) and there best uses.

The below chart shows how to unlock each particular type of ball and its catch “multiplier.” This is a value that is given to each type of Pokéball to display is ability to catch a Pokémon. For example; an ultra ball would have a higher chance at catching wild Lapras than a regular Pokéball.

Pokéball Name Colour  Catch Multiplier Method to obtain
or unlock
Pokéball  1.00 From the start/level 1
Great Ball  1.50 Reach level 12
Ultra Ball  2.00 Reach level 20
Premier Ball  1.00 Raid


Each Pokéballs best use

Pokeball – Best for catching low level/CP Pokemon. The perfect container for all those Weedles, Pidgeys and well…10CP anything!

Great Ball – Ideal for catching mid-level Pokemon. Your Pidgeots and basic/second stage evolution Pokemon.

Ultra Ball – Perfect for catching those high CP/ High level Pokemon. Third stage evolutions such as Feraligatr, Dragonite and Tyranitar.

Premier Ball – The only choice of ball given to you upon the successful defeat of a raid boss. These have the exact same catch multiplier as a Pokeball but they sure look cooler!

Ways to increase your catch rate

Using berries – The Razz berry and Golden Razz berry in particular can increase your chances of catching a Pokemon.

Throwing a “curveball.” – Learning how to spin the Pokeball on the catch-screen and throwing a curveball throw can increase your chances of catching a Pokemon.

The below table shows each items affect on a catch rate.

Each item adds a multiplier to the standard catch mechanic meaning that if you use a Golden Razz Berry with a curveball throw using an Ultra ball, it will result in a total multiplier of x 6.2 compared to standard pokeball throw.

Bonus Type Multiplier
Golden Razz Berry 2.5
Razz Berry 1.5
Curveball 1.7
Pokeball 1.0
Great Ball 1.5
Ultra Ball 2.0
Bronze Medal 1.1
Silver Medal 1.2
Gold Medal 1.3

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