it seems like in the near future, GPS spoofing will become a thing of the past. According to a code change in Android 7.1, apps that fake (mock) GPS location will no longer be able to hide that fact from the Android location subsystem.

In previous versions of Android, fake GPS apps were able to change users GPS location without disclosing that to the system, making it impossible for Pokémon GO to detect usage of such apps.

This exploit is now patched in Android 7.1:

Fix exploit where can hide the fact that a location was mocked 
am: a206a0f17e am: d417e54872 am: 3380a77516 
am: 0a8978f04b am: 1684e5f344 am: d28eef0cc2 
am: 1f458fdc66 am: d82f8a67fc am: 1ac8affd51 
am: 56098f81b6 am: 7cec76de0f
am: 2da05d0f9e

There are already reports from early adopters that this security update disables GPS spoofing on following devices:

  • Nexus 6P/5X

Apparently the patch is a part of Google’s March security updates and there is some indication that lower Android versions (6.0.1) could be receiving the same security update.

We’ll be monitoring this and updating our community as time goes on.

Considerations and implications

Of course, this change does not disable GPS spoofers across the globe, but it will certainly reduce the number of potential spoofers in the months to come. In reality, players using GPS spoofing at the moment can opt out of updates and keep their Android version as it is now.

Another contributing factor is that Android adoption is slow, with a number of devices left out of the update cycle. Here is a breakdown on current Android version adoption stats:

  • Android version 7.1 is installed on 0.4% devices
  • Android version 7.x is installed on 2.4% devices
  • Android version 6.x is installed on 31.3% devices
  • Android version 5.x is installed on 32.5% devices
  • Android version 4.4 is installed on 20.8% devices
  • Rest is 4.3 and lower versions

Evidently, this fix is going to affect a fraction of the user base in the unlikely scenario they decide to update their Android version.

However, it’s still a start and there are some reports that even 6.0.1 users can no longer spoof, which means there is potential that this patch will land on lower Android versions.

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  • Vorta

    OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T also got this security patch with Android 7.1.1

  • Zenamez

    Should be mentioned that the March 2017 security update added this.

    If your ROM is fully up to date, it’ll have this as well.

    • vision33r

      Jailbroken iPhones are immune.

  • 03grunt

    Pixel XL can confirm no more spoof

    • vision33r

      Good time to pick up one now when the prices drop.

      • Mattmasic

        You live in your own world

  • BlackHawk Mercenaries

    Well its definitely causing problems for some ( so for me that’s a start. I know it wont stop it, but at least it makes a little more difficult. +1 Niantic and Google!

  • Jake Broo (Stoopedusername)

    Lol. We’ve been dealing with spoofing in ingress for years and years now. Pro tip… Spoofing can’t be beat. Curtailed maybe, but never beat. Pretty tough to beat a hardware mod, or a gps simulator.

    • Thomas Anthony Daly

      When you hear of a working spoof, I’d love to know Jake

  • Steven Hatfield

    The spoofers will just run older versions of Android, this will not stop them unless Niantic blocks older versions of Android…which they will not do.

    • GonzoI

      Why wouldn’t they? All they’d need to do is keep abreast of what versions the carriers have pushed out and only authorize the app to log in if the phone model and OS version match up with an approved list. If it doesn’t match, an error shows up saying to allow the carrier-provided update to apply. It’s a big list that has to be maintained, along with region specific variances in deployment, but it’s very manageable.

      • Steven Hatfield

        …and what if the device’s most recent version of Android is v4.4 or v5? These devices are super cheap on eBay.

        • GonzoI

          “We are no longer able to support versions below X” is common in software with free updates.

          • Steven Hatfield

            That can’t happen until most devices are running 7.1 though..that’ll be a long time.

          • GonzoI

            6.01, and not so long as you might think. Compatibility with preferred software is the driving force for widespread operating system and hardware upgrades. This isn’t a new problem, and it’s not an unsolved one either.

          • Dagen Seimen

            like iphone 4 was just 1 mounth to old to be used, got error to low OS

          • Jim

            That would fly in games where money isn’t involved.

          • GonzoI

            It already flies in games where it is. You may not realize this, but this was done with paid-for games before there were smartphones, and it’s still done today. They don’t have the option NOT to do it.

    • Ryan Moore

      though they can likely query the installed security update version, and hopefully compare that against what is available for the device to determine device status. That said if it can be bypassed via root, then it doesn’t matter as long as magisk can evade safetynet.

  • vikrant sharma

    Android 7.1 cant spoof anymore?

    • vision33r

      Yep, so it’s perffect for me to stay on 7.0

      • Joseph Oliveira

        That doesn’t make sense. Cause the Article states:

        Apparently the patch is a part of Google’s March security updates and there is some indication that lower Android versions (6.0.1) could be receiving the same security update.

        Which probably means lower version before 7.1 will get it.

      • vikrant sharma

        The problem is i am from guwahati(north east) india. And in the entire big city there is hardly 20 pokestops. The nearest pokestop from my home is around 15-20km away and their are only 4 gyms in the entire guwahati. Niantic please make pokestops available 1st and take these steps. And the main thing is that guwahati is a metro politan city so i guess it must have plenty of pokestops and gyms. Guys 1st improve your game and then try to stop the spoofers. We are bound to spoof

      • Dagen Seimen

        I also on 7.0 but i get the damn GPS fail when i turned mock on, tryed all tge spofing i chould try. LUCKELY my Asus ZenPad10 was just 6.0 not 6.0.1 therre it wors like a sharm : D to bad i cant donwgrade my s7 egde, couse im not gona root it, last timr it got brickd but luckdly i managde to mircilus to unbrik it myself and recoery

  • vision33r

    Google just love killing sales of their own devices. Already pixel selling worse than others.

    • sharibetsu

      Oh yeah because GPS spoofing is the number one reason anyone has an Android phone.

      Look, if you’re going to try to sound or act like you know what you’re talking about, please feel free to start at anytime.

      • vision33r

        What a joke, the latest jailbreak for iOS has GPS spoofing working just fine. You’re free to troll.

        • JokerES

          And so does a flashed version of Android that does not include this particular fix. If you’re going to go ahead and jailbreak an iPhone, you’re talking an inconsequential amount of the playerbase.

          Compare apples to apples.

      • Rick Hankins

        It’s the same logic that says people who root their phones cheat in Pokemon Go.

    • Mattmasic

      The pixel wasn’t supposed to sell in the millions , a 2nd grader would see that knowing it’s only Monday Verizon in the US, it was a software show case with left over HTC hardware

    • GonzoI

      They sold what they produced. In most universes, that’s considered a success, but perhaps it’s different where you’re from.

  • Seth Peters

    I wonder if installing the GPS spoofer as a system app will bypass that or not…

  • GonzoI

    Whether or not it does anything to reduce spoofing, I guarantee I’m still going to hear people complaining that everyone taking their gym is a spoofer. Even as I stand next to them, taking their gym.

  • Rillan

    just dont update your phone and thats all. Those updates dont give u anything good at all. Just some interface changes and some control under u.

  • eMike

    Good news, finally.

  • Nick Carrico

    This is bullshit think bout the ones that live in the country there’s barely any fuckn Pokemon out here so how else will we play that’s y we fuckn use it cause niantics bein an asshole an givin the city’s more advantage of havin Pokemon we can’t do shit out here with the game

    • BraveBoy 2468

      Oh Grow up selfish brat, it’s not like everyone is given a right to play an augmented reality game the same. Equality isn’t part of the game and people shouldn’t try to insert themselves into it by spoofing their ass to the city. If you can’t play it because it’s unbearable, then don’t play it. There are thousands of other games any rural player could play. Not to speak of the hundreds of other mobile apps. Pick up another app and stop complaining when you most likely have it good in life.

      • Bijoy Das

        If all spoofer stop playing pokemon go then Niantic doesn’t continue to develop pokemon go because more than half of pokemon go player are spoofer and others are fucker like u r play this…

        • SilverPT

          Can you show any statistics to confirm what you’re saying? It’s completely absurd that “half of pokemon player are spoofer”.

        • Alex Kuzmenkov

          Statistics show much smaller numbers in comparison with game(like maybe 5% at max), at least try to gather information and read/compare analysis of largest resources providing access to dishonest methods of the game (bots, joysticks). Take their attendance and popularity, and user base that reaches a maximum of a couple of hundred thousand and compare with the official game statistics (500mil + total base, the number of daily logins 20mil., yes – this statistics are outdated, so the number of daily logins can be less, but still you can get a whole picture)

      • Alex Kuzmenkov

        I recommend you to follow your own advice – dont complain about spoofers – “Equality isn’t part of the game”, “There are thousands of other games any could play” – so dont try project your children’s grievances and complexes into a game where the interests of many players collide, after all – not so much depends on the way they play.

        • טך׳ע ז׳בליךך

          Amen. i was reading Braveboy’s comment and i was like… are you fuking serious?? can you hear yourself please.

      • Roaring lion

        Dude r u an asshole…”there r thousands of other games any rural player cud play” it’s nt that they couldn’t play but it’s that they want to play this game so badly.they luv this game so much. Respect their feelings dude.

      • Dagen Seimen

        I see his point, its a big GAME, SO PEOPLE IN BIG CITYIS , your fucking lucky can get poketopes esch fucking dor you walk in. i live ina rural place and we got 5 poketops and 2 gym split in two *towns* 5min drive, and trust me try just one month or rel rural like i have and come thn and tell me that rural players can pplay the game as me :bla bla Bla. just he uses 1 month to get to 20 maby. 3mounths to if lcky 25, And i trust you yourself would undertand how “FUCKING easy rural places are to play”, big pappa city boy heh? point and get? act and try next time before you open anythig, or do your homework. prove it by stay rural rurl and SC ME A DRAGONATE COUGTH rural. then you can start japping again. PS if yo wanna complain about my spelling/gramma or whatever, Im europian, rural and english arnt my main langue. but trytc me 2500k+++ stops and gym is BIG diffrens from 5 stop and 2 gym

  • Paul Needle

    I’m disabled and bed bound i have use of one arm and hand . Pokémon was a blessing to me . Now I’m just going to have to watch TV insted​.

    • Rick Hankins

      Dont use Google play to update. There should be apk files of older versions you can install.

      • Luke Davies

        It’s not the Pokemon Go APK it’s the version of Android (7.1) and the March security update causing the issue apparently.

    • Paul

      It’s Pokemon Go not Pokémon Stay. Spofers ruin the game for me. I’m sick of losing gyms to invisable people while I fought for them standing out in the freezing cold. I hope all spofers receive bans. I’m sorry for your disability but there are plenty of other Pokemon games you can play.

      • Sammy Turk

        Screw that im gonna spoof and go around areas on foot. I do what I want when I want to do it.

        • J T

          Well somebody things mighty highly of themselves.

      • טך׳ע ז׳בליךך

        Or you can leave and play another pokemon game. QQ+

      • vision33r

        Learn2play nub.

      • Richard Feldman

        LMAO go home cry baby

    • Dagen Seimen

      Apple phone and tutuapp to bad anroid viersion 1 of 40 times work, appel NO prob and more option. problm soled, new you still can play the old ay

  • jason mcclean

    So why don’t they disable the previous updates so they have to update it

    • Luke Davies

      Android software updates are optional and people forget it’s pretty easy re-flash back to an earlier software version.

  • orteski

    Shit Idk, I just updated on my Note 5 and I’m still catching these Larvitars! Working on my 6th Tyranitar. Suck it Gil!!!!

    • J T

      It’s worthless, lazy pieces of crap like you who ruin this game. No one respects you.

      • orteski

        I could care less about the ones who do respect me so let that set in for you. #Priorities

  • Awayze

    Majority of spoofers will never see Android 7, maybe when the games dying out an update will be pushed out by the manufacturer. The GPS is altered at a system level on Android and Niantic won’t know that. on iOS, the app is actually hacked and iOS is locked down. Developers will make an hacked app for Android like for iOS if it gets to the point GPS altering is hard.

  • Greg Kwiecien

    Since the Google’s security updates last week (Pixel XL), I was wondering why my guy would not be correctly at my location and sometimes it would just move around or it would say You’re going too fast and I have not moved from the spot I’m at. Also, now I must be closer to the Stop/Spins or Gyms just because it would show me 20 feet or more away from where I am really standing. This just make the game worst for the regular player that are just trying to playing without cheating.

  • Adam Rice

    there are always going to be cheaters, however this makes it allot harder for the casual player to cheat. I’ve talked to a couple people this week that just downloaded an app from the google play store that allowed them to spoof and they had no idea it was cheating.

    The harder it is to spoof the better it is for everyone who is interested in maintaining the integrity of this game.

    • Rillan

      Cheaters will be never beat and i will tell u why. After all pluses Pokemon GO provides there are few minuses it will never solve.
      1) Smaller the city is – less pokemon it has so more % people there wont play at all or find the way to *cheat*, but i wont call spoofing or tracking or other apps as cheating.
      2) In America 10$ to buy incubator is very cheap. I know countries where 10$ is week salary and people are not ready to buy incubators to faster pokedex filling process. (But if Niantic is only interested in western people then ok dont count it)
      3)Regional pokemon cant be caught without spoofing. Unless u are free to waste 1000+$ to travel over world.
      4) Lazyness.
      5) In Niantic’s place i would ban not account that spoofer can rise in some days, i would ban jym fighting option so any spoofer wont had an option to fight in jyms. But its too hard to do righ code.

      And u too naive if u think pirates, hackers and other poor people wont find way to so called *cheat*

      • Scott McIlwee

        1) Dont call spoofing cheating, but i do
        2) incubators cost $1.50 US, or you can farm coins at a gym for free. And if that a week salary maybe owning gyms are more valuable there
        3) Regional are regional for a reason, lucky none are game breakingly good
        4)Get out of bed fatty
        5)Thats not bad, yes ban spoofers from gyms, that way when I walk up to a gym and take it, an invisible person doesnt take it back immediatly

        • Rillan

          Well for me it cost 12 euro, and for exampl if i go to Geogia (not USA state) for those 12 euro i can eat in restaraunt whole day.

          • Scott McIlwee

            you can still farm up coins, if you pay that much real money to play this, that is your fault

  • Aron Sunrain

    It’s getting closer to the point where I’ll download the game again 🙂

  • dick gobbler

    All the spoofers do is do is not walk…how about you other f*ckers with your tracking apps and sh1t?

    • J T

      Most use both. How do you think these clowns have 4 Tyranitars after a week of Gen 2?

      • Rillan

        Jelous ? It took me 7 10km eggs to get tyranitar, 2 dratini and 1 mareep. If i played 7 days i think i would had 4 tyranitars alwell as so called *spoofers* have. But no, some players (idiots) can only cry about others success.

        • J T

          Kid, you can’t even form a coherent sentence. Call me an idiot but I’m sure as hell not jealous of some punk troll who doesn’t have the self worth to get off his lazy ass to play the game.

          • Rillan

            As i said u are an idiot and u just proved it. No arguments so lets talk about grammar. I already told u 7 eggs = 1 tyranitar. But u live in sad/perfect/who cares? world where everyone cheat except saint u. Boy that aint lazy pokemon trainer hates every other that has better results. Wake up already and if GAME makes u hatred then u should visit a doctor.

          • J T

            Listen princess, learn to piece together a proper sentence and then we can continue this argument. Otherwise I feel like I’m having a doorknob licking contest with the local retard.

      • vision33r

        Tyranitars are beatable. Rock paper scissors.

        • J T

          Absolutely, but not really the point. What’s the fun hunting for these things if by the time a normal person can find/hatch one or two larvitars, you have spoofers with three 3300CP Tyranitars at the top of your local gyms? The point is people who play fairly stop caring and stop playing. It diminishes the quality of the game overall and that’s why I care.

  • dick gobbler

    Why is GPS under scrutiny and not the iv calculators and map tracking douches? I think the GPS apps SHOULD be allowed because not everyone can walk…and if you say “play another game” think about equality and handicap spaces…this could turn into a class action lawsuit, mark my words…

    • disqus_bUUpPX2NDt

      Oh no, IV calculators harm the pokemon go community so much, it calculates what are the best moves and which pokemon is the top x % of all of that species. It’s not like the pokemon you catch/ hatch is due to RNG or anything.

      • Sara Filion

        Thank you, i guess what everyone wants is us handicap to not get to play, which is ridiculous, and i know as a small business owner, there’s not anyone I’d want to exclude from my customer base.

        Replace handicap or immobile with any other minority group and see if anyone is still ok with excluding them from Pokemon Go.

        • Gooch

          What are you some kind of moron Sara? Just because you are handicapped doesn’t mean you cant go out and explore the world. Stop being an idiot cause your pretty enough to get away with it

    • Adam Rice

      It’s an augmented reality game. If you can’t walk in real life why would you be able to walk in augmented reality?

      If someone who can’t walk wants to walk they need virtual reality or a video game.

      This is the first augmented reality game so it’s tough to have something to compare it to but if you can’t leave your house you can’t participate. It’s like reality, with a digital layer over it.

      • bawey

        I don’t think you can catch pokémons in real life so why would you do it in an app? I really think you shouldn’t…

        • Maria

          Best response. EVER.

        • Leetbeast

          Because it’s augmented reality. Do you not have the capacity to grasp those concepts?

          If your reality is such that you can’t hike up a hill, you won’t be able to go there due to an augmentation of your reality.

          If you want to walk around any place you’d like and catch Pokemon get Pokemon Sun and Moon

          • bawey

            You might wanna look the word sarcasm up before you question others’ reasoning capabilities.

          • Leetbeast

            You should look up Poe’s law before making an attempt at sarcasm, bruh.

    • Kon Khmer

      You don’t know how it is to be handicap until you are handicap yourself. I am not handicap, but I feel for them. It is only a game. Niantic game (Pokemon go) will be gone this year(2017) anyway if they take this kind of approach. They make money out of these spoofing people anyway. If people spoof so what (it is a virtual game)… I don’t spoof, but it is fun to see gyms change color every hour or so. Grow-up and stop being sarcastic!

    • hydrophobia

      There are some Ingress player (the other Niantic game) that have handicap and stil play that game.
      Why can’t MonGo players do the same? GPS spoofing only ruins the game experience to you and other players. That’s so selfish.

  • Jake Twomey

    We get that spoofing is never going to leave the game with the advanced technology we have it is nearly impossible. However, what you have is these YouTubers that have millions people watching videos of how to spoof. So there is hundreds of thousands if not millions of people spoofing and it doesn’t make the game fun anymore. There are people that just sit and play on their couch. The game was designed for mainly two reasons, one to bring Pokémon to life. Two to get people outside and actually getting excirse instead of sitting sedentary on nice days. The apps that allow you to spoof need to be taken down and the YouTubers need to be taken down as well. If you want to stop it this is the biggest head start you could possibly get. I am a trainer myself and I need to say it makes me angry when people spoof because it makes the game old and boring. This will result in the Pokémon community completing there Pokédex in hours instead of months and thus, the game will no longer will spark interest. I hope you take this into consideration and try these methods. This would be a great start to make the game great again.

    • vision33r

      Why don’t you go play the card game.

      • J T

        Why don’t spoofers? They’re the ones who seem to like the idea of playing a game from their living rooms.

        • Sara Filion

          We like playing games from our living room because some of us are handicap. I’ve been spoofing for almost a year and haven’t come close to completing my pokedex. But yeah you guys are so right we should exclude certain people from using Pokemon Go, replace immobile with any other minority and see if you’re comfortable excluding them.

      • Jake Twomey

        I don’t play the card game because I like to feel like im an actual trainer. The card game looks cool but it doesn’t bring Pokémon to life like Pokémon Go does

  • vision33r

    Latest Security patch for Samsung S7 Edge is only February Security Patch and spoofing working fine. If it doesn’t then it’s time to move to hardware tethered GPS and that cannot be blocked.

    • Juan Vas

      can one just download an older version of the security patch?

  • Maria

    I get that they’d like to crack down on any theft but I hurt nobody -I cannot walk. It’s the only way I can join in. I don’t go far; I go where I would if I were able to walk.

    • Sara Filion

      Thank you! This game is so prejudice against the handicap and immobile. It’s bullshit! So I guess we just shouldn’t be allowed to play then, we’re *cheaters* FU Niantic, I’ll stop playing and spend my money else where.

      On the other hand, if you are handicap or immobile i urge you to complain to the company to offer us a way to play as well.

      • Maria

        The replies I got (apart from yours and one other) made me absolutely disgusted and they actually hurt! It’s insane! The people telling me I was a thief and liar and blah blah… I have paid for items in this game -I doubt they have! I HAVE kept Niantic going!
        The one that particularly upset me was the person saying they were a doctor and ‘understand’ quickly followed by a *but you shouldn’t play if you are the way you are*??
        It took me ALL MY POWER to NOT reply “I’d hate to go to an appointment and find you were my doctor for fear you’d say you couldn’t help me because I am sick… smh and trying to laugh!!

    • bawey

      I guess some people just get too uptight because they forget it’s merely a game. Perhaps their false sense of achievement crumbles every time they are reminded this is no real thing. GPS spoofing is just one way to bring that sobering realisation upon them.

  • Punk hunter

    as there is low number of people using latest version of android , gps spoofing is still a big problem but also we cannot deny the fact that if pokemon go disables gps spoofing it will be loosing large number of its player in the future . Instead pokemon go encourage people why should they leave their home to play pokemon go outside even spending their mobile balance ,

  • Edgar Johnny Correa


  • P-necio

    Am from Chile, the land of spoofers is so sad 🙁

  • David


  • bawey

    Cheaters will cheat even if takes keeping a legacy device around just for the sake of GPS spoofing. They should rather give up on their mantra of “making people fit” and simply add some in-game controllers to move around, perhaps with some limitations etc. I tried running with that app a number of times and its distance tracking was a joke. So I prefer fooling the app rather having myself fooled by it.

  • Annette

    And by the way we are so far away from any city that Pokemon Go no Gyms hardly no Pokemons it’s not even fun to play. Some spoofing might have done a difference for us. So unfair or not – isn’t it unfair that we’ve 10 kms to the nearest Gym. And a Pokemon passes by each hour?

  • Gabriel Rhadamés

    Tem alguma precisão para volta?