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Apple Watch Pokémon GO

The official Pokémon GO app for Apple Watch was released on December 22, 2016 to  much excitement and joy of Apple Watch owners. According to the release notes, you are able to use the following core features of Pokémon GO on Apple Watch:

Feature Description
Track nearby Pokémon You can’t catch Pokémon, just see what’s nearby
Hatch Pokémon Eggs You can hatch and track progress as a watchface
Receive Buddy Pokémon Candy Distance tracking is much better than on a phone
Collect PokéStops Notifys you of nearby Stop, works very well
Collect Medals Just notifies you when you achieve a medal
Steps and calories are tracked

Pokémon GO on a Apple Watch tracks egg distance using steps

After the app for Apple Watch was released, several users reported interesting finding in regards to egg distance tracking. Initial research showed that the Pokémon GO Watch app used workout tracking and steps to calculate distance. Further research done by redditors and proved that is true and not only that: you can track distance on a treadmill!

Here’s a quick chart about the app distance tracking:

Feature Status
Tracks distance in the background YES
Tracks distance using steps YES
Pokémon GO Plus overrides the Apple Watch app NO*
The watch tracks distance better than the phone app YES
Activity that is tracked like “steps” is counted towards egg progress (treadmills, shaking your wrist, strapping the Watch on your cat) YES


* As proven by dracoy, the Apple Watch will override the GO Plus distance when used together.

Pokemon Go on Apple Watch