Pokemon GO Elekid

Elekid is Electabuzz Baby Version Pokemon. Elekid is a confirmed 10 KM Egg hatch in Pokémon GO, sharing the same egg group as it’s older brother.

Elekid is a Electric Pokemon that requires 25 Candy to evolve and requires 5KM to walk for 1 Candy.

Elekid Stats

Elekid is confirmed to be spawning from 10 KM eggs, with no reports if Electabuzz is still spawning from 10 KM eggs. Elekid type is Electric, and it costs 25 Electabuzz candy to evolve him.

Base Stamina 90
Base Attack 135
Base Defense 110
Base Capture Rate 12%
Base Flee Rate 5%
Jump Time 1.1 seconds
Attack Timer 20 seconds
KM Buddy Distance 5 km

Elekid Moves

Quick Moves Charged Moves
Thunder Shock Thunder Punch
Low Kick Thunderbolt