Pokemon GO Togetic

Togetic is an evolved form of Togepi, a Flying / Fairy type Pokémon with mid tier stats that requires 50 Togepi candy to evolve. Togetic as the first Generation 2 evolution introduced to Pokémon GO.

Togetic Stats

Togetic is a confirmed evolution of Togepi in Pokémon Go. Togetic is dual typed: Fairy and Flying, with access to both type moves. Togetic stats are not great, but that was not to be expected, as even in the core games it is not a powerhouse.

Base Stamina 80
Base Attack 134
Base Defense 89
Base Capture Rate 12%
Base Flee Rate 5%
Jump Time 1 seconds
Attack Timer 11 seconds
KM Buddy Distance 1 km

Togetic Moves (not yet data mined)

Quick Moves Charged Moves