Glalie and Snorunt

Glalie and Snorunt Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO Snorunt is known as the “Snow Hat Pokémon” and it evolves into Pokémon GO Glalie, the “Face Pokémon”. These Pokémon are ice types. Snorunt is a social creature, has been known to visit human dwellings. Glalie’s icy body will not melt, and it can control ice by freezing moisture in the air.

Glalie has a max CP of 1945. Much like its CP, its stats are also average: STA (160), DEF (162) and ATK (162).

Snorunt and Glalie stats in Pokemon GO
ID Sprite Pokémon ATK DEF HP MAX CP
322 Snorunt 
95 95 100 772
323 Glalie
162 162 160 1945

Glalie in the Pokémon GO meta

Glalie is a typical glass cannon in Pokémon GO, with access to several strong movesets and interesting move combinations. Unfortunately, due to it’s weak stats and low Max CP, we do not expect it to be a meta relevant Pokémon.

Luckily, Glalie is known to have a mega evolution, boosting it’s quick attacks with Refrigerate, an ability that converts all Normal Type attacks to Ice type.

Where to find Snorunt and Glalie in Pokemon GO?

Snorunt and Glalie are known to live in caves. Drowzee Biomes are the most likely places for Pokémon GO trainers to encounter these Pokémon. Since Snorunt visits human dwellings, perhaps trainers living in the city would encounter easier.

Pokémon GO Glalie Moves and Best Move sets

We expect the following moves to be a part of Glalie move sets in Pokémon GO:

  • Avalanche ice
  • Blizzard ice
  • Bulldoze ground
  • Crunch dark
  • Dark Pulse dark
  • Gyro Ball steel
  • Icy Wind ice
  • Shadow Ball ghost
  • Water Pulse water


Here are some moves that might be added to Glalie’s move pool:

  • Explosion normal
  • Freeze-Dry ice
  • Rollout rock
  • Toxic poison

Shiny Snorunt and Shiny Glalie in Pokemon GO

A normal Snorunt has a black body, white teeth, and is covered by triangular, yellow cloak. A normal Glalie is a black rock core covered by white ice. It has blue eyes, and visible white teeth. It also has 2 black horns on the side of its head.

A shiny Snorunt is covered by triangular, teal-white cloak. A shiny Glalie has bright red eyes. All other details are identical to their normal counterpart.

Shiny Snorunt and Glalie
Snorunt Glalie

In the anime

Snorunt first appeared on the 382nd episode of the Pokémon series (Advanced Generation: Episode 108) titled, “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snorunt!”. Glalie made a major appearance on the 397th episode of the Pokémon series (Advanced Generation: Episode 132) titled, “Rhapsody in Drew”.