Pokémon GO Kecleon

Pokémon GO Kecleon is a normal type Pokémon, Max CP 1924, also known as the “Color Swap Pokémon”.

Stat wise, Kecleon is an average, weakish addition to the Pokémon lineup:  STA (120), DEF (212) and ATK (161). Well, at least it’s more powerful than a Raticate.

Kecleon can change the colors of its body at will, frequently using this ability to camouflage. However, Kecleon is unable to change the color of its signature stripe.

Kecleon Pokemon GO stats
ID Sprite Pokémon ATK DEF HP MAX CP
352 Kecleon
161 212 120 1924

Kecleon in the Pokémon GO meta

No, it’s happening again, argh, aaa, argh… another… Pokédex filler… please… Niantic… we… need… more… stats… abilities… the Hub editor falls to the ground, crying at the sight of yet another Gen 3 Pokédex filler… must not… cry… a… lot…

Kecleon is yet another Pokédex collectable— its stats are downright average and its Combat Power doesn’t event hit the 2k mark.

There are no known further evolution for Kecleon.

Pokémon GO Kecleon Moves

Here are some moves that are expected to be a part of Kecleon’s move pool:

  • Ancient Power rock
  • Aqua Tail water
  • Body Slam normal
  • Brick Break fighting
  • Dynamic Punch fighting
  • Fire Punch fire
  • Iron Tail steel
  • Shadow Sneak ghost
  • Sucker Punch dark

Here are some moves that might be added to Kecleon’s move pool:

  • Camouflage normal
  • Dizzy Punch normal
  • Drain Punch fighting
  • Fury Swipes normal
  • Knock Off dark

Shiny Kecleon in Pokemon GO

A normal Kecleon is green on most of its body. It has yellow frills on both sides of its head which are connected to its yellow lips and rings around its eyes. It has a notable red zigzag stripe around its midsection.

A shiny Kecleon is almost identical to that of its normal counterpart, with the exception of its zigzag stripe being blue.

Shiny Kecleon

In the anime

Kecleon first appeared on the 10th Short Pikachu Movie titled, “Pikachu’s PikaBoo

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