Makuhita and Hariyama

Makuhita and Hariyama Pokémon GO

With scarcity of fighting types in the game, Pokémon GO Makuhita and Pokémon GO Hariyama come as a great addition for the diversity of species in GO.

Hariyama has a Max CP of 2765, an acceptable ATK (209), very good STA (288) and disappointing DEF (114). Although it doesn’t have elite stats, Hariyama will make an interesting addition to the currently limited pool of fighting types.

Keep in mind that both Makuhita and Hariyama are pure fighting types.

Where to find Makuhita

Traditionally Makuhita is found in caves, mountain ranges and tunnel areas.

Makuhita and Hariyama made their debut on the 294th episode of the Pokémon series (Advanced Generation: Episode 20) titled “Brave the Wave”.

ID Sprite Pokémon ATK DEF HP MAX CP
296 Makuhita  
99 54 144 745
297 Hariyama 
209 114 288 2765

Hariyama in the Pokémon GO meta

Pokémon GO Hariyama is not going to land a spot in the top tier ranks, but it is not a weak either. In terms of CP, Hariyama ranks just below the good ol’ Machamp with 2889 Max CP.

Based on the numbers alone, Hariyama is not going to be a good counter for Blissey. It’s ATK (209) and low DEF (114) would not be enough to deplete Blissey’s STA (510) fast enough.

However, with 288 STA, Hariyama can defend like a beast. It’s basically a bulkier version of Machamp. Especially when you consider that Hariyama is going to be a rather slow Pokémon. Based on other Pokémon games, Hariyama does not have a good speed at all!

Gym defense aside, we think that Harimaya will be a last resort option to battle high ranking normal types. It’s just another “almost good” Pokémon in terms of usefulness.

Pokémon GO Hariyama Moves

As Hariyama is traditionally a fighting only Pokémon, with a very limited move pool, we do not expect him to have a crazy variety of potential moves in Pokémon GO.

Here are some of the currently obtainable moves we can anticipate that Hariyama will have:

  • Body Slam normal
  • Brick Break fighting
  • Close Combat fighting
  • Cross Chop fighting
  • Focus Blast fighting

There is a number of other potential moves we might see when Hariyama comes to Pokémon Go:

  • Power-Up Punch fighting
  • Superpower fighting
  • Wake-Up Slap fighting
  • Arm Thrust fighting
  • Force Palm fighting
  • Knock Off dark
  • Mega Kick normal

Shiny Makuhita and Hariyama in Pokemon GO

A normal Makuhita has a yellow bulky body, and yellow pudgy face. It has black marking on its chest that extends around its neck, and a black boxing gloves for its hands. It also has red, ring-shaped markings on its cheeks. A normal Hariyama has dark blue hair across the top of its eyes that extends to its back to form a long ponytail. Its upper body is cream-colored, and its lower body is dark blue. It has yellow skirt-like structures extending from its waist. It has an orange fan-like marking on its torso, and its hands and feet are orange.

A shiny Makuhita is almost the same as normal, but his neck and gloves are red. A shiny Hariyama has red skirt-thingy and purple hands and feet.

Makuhita Hariyama
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