Azurill, Marill and Azumarill

Pokémon GO Azurill is a baby Pokémon whose evolutions have already been introduced earlier, in Generation 2 of Pokémon GO.

Azurill is a normal fairy type, but becomes fairy water when it evolves into Pokémon GO Marill and Pokémon GO Azumarill.

Pokémon GO Azumarill is the first of its type to have the dual type of fairy and water.

Keep in mind that Azumarill is not very useful in the game with its 1503 of max CP. It’s defensive stats are too low, DEF (152) and STA (200), as well as its ATK (112).

Where to find Marill and Azumarill

The whole Azurill family is commonly seen everywhere, in or outside a water biome. They are caught for their Pokédex entries alone.

Azurill made its first appearance in “Pikachu’s PikaBoo” – one of Pikachu’s short films. It also made its debut in the cartoon series on the 276th episode of the Pokémon series (Advanced Generation: Episode 2) titled “A Ruin with a View”.

ID Sprite Pokémon ATK DEF HP MAX CP
298 Azurill 
normal fairy
36 71 100 316
183 Marill 
water fairy
37 93 140 420
184 Azumarill
water fairy
112 152 200 1503

Azumarill in the Pokémon GO meta

With it’s very low overall stats, Azumarill is not in any of the top charts. Its 1503 max CP is not high enough to intimidate anything as a gym defender and its ATK (112) does not cause serious damage as an attacker.

In other Pokémon games, Azumarill is a strong contender due to its type immunities and good HP. In Pokémon GO, Azumarill is well… trash. In fact, even the speed of executing moves and dodging is so slow that it takes more damage than a sleeping Snorlax.

Pokémon GO Azumarill Moves

Here are some moves from the Azumarill’s current move pool in Pokémon GO:

  • Play Rough fairy
  • Hydro Pump water
  • Bubble Beam water
  • Water Pulse water

Here are some moves that might be added to Azumarill’s move pool:

  • Waterfall water
  • Whirlpool water
  • Superpower fighting
  • Knock Off dark
  • Muddy Water water

Shiny Azurill, Marill and Azumarill in Pokemon GO

A normal Azurill is blue all over its round body, it has a pink color inside its ears and white cheeks. A normal Marill is blue on most of its body. It has a white belly and the inside of its ears are red. A normal Azumarill has a blue color on the upper part of its body, and white on the lower part. It has white circular spots in the middle portion of its belly. Its ear is elongated, and has a red color inside.

A shiny Azurill is green all over its round body, it has an orange color inside its ears and white cheeks.A shiny Marill is yellow on most of its body, and the inside of its ears are orange. A shiny Azumarill in Pokémon GO has a bright golden yellow color on the upper part of its body, and the inside of its ear has a deep pink color inside.

  Azurill Marill Azumarill
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