Manectric and Electrike

Pokemon GO Manectric

Pokémon GO Electrike evolves into Pokémon GO Manectric, and will have a max CP of 2131. Manectric’s stats are not as high as you’d want them to be, as it’s a low tier Pokémon with low potential.

With an above average ATK (215), it has some use as a water bruiser, but it’s other stats are not great! As for its defensive stats, a low DEF (127) and STA (140) is not going to make Manectric last long in battle, so that’s too bad.

Where to find Electrike and Manectric?

The Electrike Pokémon family is known to live in grassy areas. In Pokémon Go, we expect the same, and you can find Electrike and Manectric in Grassy areas, Forests, Gardens, or Parks. Trainers can also encounter these Pokémon in Urban Biomes.

Electrike and Manectric made their television debut on the 314rd episode of the Pokémon series (Advanced Generation: Episode 40) titled, “Watt’s with Wattson?”.

ID Sprite Pokémon ATK DEF HP MAX CP
309 Electrike   
123 78 80 810
310 Manectric 
215 127 140 2131

Manectric in the Pokémon GO meta

Manectric is going to land as a mid-end attacker and a low-end defender. With its CP (2131), STA (140) and DEF (127), it’s pretty clear that it won’t be a trainer’s first choice in defender a gym.

Manectric’s electric type moves are very effective against water type opponents. It may not be as powerful as Jolteon or Magneton in terms of ATK, and it may not even be as tough Ampharos in terms of STA, but its type alone could be an advantage.

As lots of high ranking defenders are water type, Manectric does pose a threat to them simply because of its electric type moves.

flying type Pokémon as also weak against electric type attacks making them receive more damage when an electric attack hits.

Other tidbits

In other Pokémon games, Manectric is praised for its speed. Pokémon Go may not have stats specified for speed, Manectric might have a good dodge that would help in lasting longer in battles. Its speed in executing moves might also be quick enough to alternately attack and dodge. Manectric is known to have a mega evolution. Perhaps by then it would have a better rank in the game.

Pokémon GO Electrike Moves

As far as Manectric’s Pokémon GO moves go, it’s movepool is quite interesting and varied, as it draws from Electric (STAB) and Fire moves:

  • Thunderbolt electric
  • Thunder electric
  • Discharge electric
  • Wild Charge electric
  • Flame Burst fire
  • Overheat fire

Additionally, with the addition of new moves, Manectric gets even more potential moves:

  • Shock Wave electric
  • Thunder Fang electric
  • Thunder Wave electric
  • Uproar normal
  • Thief dark

Shiny Electrike and Manectric in Pokemon GO

A normal Electrike is green all over its body. It yellow markings on the side of its face that resembles a lightning. It has a yellow stripe on its back, and has a yellow-tipped tail. A normal Manectric has blue color on most of its body. It has a yellow mane-like structure on its head, it has yellow tuft on its front feet and haunches. It also has a bent, blue tail.

A shiny Pokémon GO Electrike is blue all over its body. Like it’s normal counterpart, it has yellow markings on the side of its face that resembles a lightning, a yellow stripe on its back, and a yellow-tipped tail. A shiny Pokémon GO Manectric has dark gray color on most of its body. It also has a yellow mane-like structure on its head, yellow tuft on its front feet and haunches, and a bent dark purple tail.

  Electrike Manectric
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