Pokemon GO Seviper

Seviper in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Seviper (Max CP 1928) is a poison type Pokemon, also known as the “Fang Snake Pokemon”. Known for it’s ongoing feud with Zangoose, this grass dweller shares the same mediocre stats as it’s rival.

Seviper is known to live in grassy areas – parks, gardens, grassland. Just like his good old pal Zangoose.

Seviper stats in Pokemon GO
ID Sprite Pokémon ATK DEF HP MAX CP
336 Seviper
196 118 146 1928

Seviper in the Pokemon GO meta

Despite being in a feud with Zangoose, Seviper in Pokémon Go is actually weaker than its rival. In all honesty, Seviper doesn’t have a place as a Raider, nor as a Gym attacker or Defender. Seviper will be yet another Pokédex filler.

Seviper doesn’t have a future evolution stage.

Pokémon GO Seviper Moves

Seviper is expected to have access to the majority of currently available Dark and Poison move, including Wrap, which is characteristic to snake shaped Pokemon:

  • Dark Pulse dark
  • Poison Fang poison
  • Sludge Bomb poison
  • Sludge Wave poison
  • Wrap normal

Here are some other moves we can expect, if they’re added to the game:

  • Assurance dark
  • Belch poison
  • Gastro Acid poison
  • Haze ice
  • Poison Tail poison
  • Toxic poison
  • Venoshock poison

Shiny Seviper in Pokemon GO

A normal Seviper is black in color on most of its body. It has a yellow hexagram running from its head to its tail, and yellow bump-like appendages on its underbelly. It also has purple scar like markings on its body, long red fangs, red eyes, and red its tail has a red blade-like structure.

A shiny Seviper is very similar to its normal counterpart except for the bright pink scar-like marks, long blue fangs, blue eyes, and blue blade-like structure on its tail.

Shiny Seviper

In the anime

Popularized by Team Rocket member Jessie, Seviper made its television debut on the 282nd episode of the Pokémon series (Advanced Generation: Episode 8) titled, “A Tail with a Twist”.

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