EX Raid Pass

Exclusive Raid Invitations

EX Raid Pass is a special Raid Pass variant, required for participating in Exclusive Raids. An EX Raid pass is rewarded for participation in recent raids throughout your local area, with “recent” ranging from 3-7 weeks.

EX Raid Pass
Icon Exclusive Raid Pass
Name Exclusive Raid Pass
Description Exclusive Raid Pass to join a special Raid Battle. You can use this pass only at the specified limited-time event.
Type Raid Pass
Used for Exclusive Raid Battles
Level requirement Level 5
Uses bag space Yes
Quantity limit No limit

EX Raid Pass Animation

GameWith’s YT live stream shows the world first EX Raid that took place in Japan. The video starts at 24:30 and shows how an EX Raid Pass looks and feels in the game.

EX Raid Pass FAQ

How to get an EX Raid Pass?
EX Raid Pass is obtained automatically through normal game play. When an exclusive raid becomes available in your area, an in-game notification will show up, announcing you’re invited to participate in the raid. The notification appears 24 hours before the raid starts.

What is the requirement to get an EX Raid Pass?
We have confirmed only one requirement (so far): you must have previously participated in at least one successful raid at the Gym where the EX Raid is taking place. In order to be eligible for an EX Raid Pass, you should increase the raw number of Gyms where you Raid. If you haven’t raided at the Gym, you can’t get an EX Raid Pass for a Raid there.

Is there a Gym Badge requirement to get an EX Raid Pass?
To our knowledge, no, there is no Gym Badge requirement for EX Raid Passes. If this changes, we’ll let you know.

How long is the EX Raid Pass valid?
Passes are valid until used, or until the related raid ends. EX Raids happen 24 hours after the Raid Passes have been distributed and last for 60 minutes.