Pokémon Shuffle

Pokémon Shuffle S-Rank Guide: Stages 451-500

Best Pokémon Shuffle team compositions and item usages to beat all of the Stages from Stage 451 to Stage 500. Notes and a short F.A.Q. is at the bottom of the guide.

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Stages 451-470

Stage Pokémon Team Items Notes
451 Duskull (safari repeat) Mega Gengar/Rayquaza Itemless 3-Pokemon Stage
452 Archen Mega Gengar/Rayquaza/Gyarados (shiny)/Garchomp/Swampert (with water team), Landorus-T, Dialga, Suicune (SS BS+) Itemless, Overkill: C-1
453 Nincada Mega Blaziken (with Pyre team)/Rayquaza, Reshiram Itemless, Overkill: M+5, DD 3×3 Barrier Disruption, I finished with exactly 9 moves left
454 Bidoof Mega Gengar/Gyarados (shiny), Lucario (for pummel) Itemless, M+5 3-Pokemon stage, ~30k HP, may require patience for itemless S-Rank- try and catch it itemless, then go for the M+5
455 Dusclops (safari repeat) Mega Gengar, Duskull, BS+ Yveltal Itemless, M+5 Duskull disruptions, I got frustrated from getting a few moves under with M+5, so I threw in a MS and went with M-Ray
456 Ferroseed Mega Blaziken/Gengar/Rayquaza, Pyre team Itemless, M+5 rock column every 3 moves, I had 11 moves left with M-Blaze team
457 Shedinja Mega Blaziken/Rayquaza, Pyre/Sky Blast team Itemless First move C5-C6 to clear, A few board wipes with M-Blaze should get the S.
458 Sableye (repeat) Mega Rayquaza, Sableye (only if not using DD) DD, M+5 crazy O-shaped disruptions with Sableye and blocks, save some frustration and use a DD with an optional M+5 if you want the safety net
459 Flareon (repeat) Mega Gengar, Vaporeon Itemless Really easy S-Rank
460 Ferrothorn Mega Steelix M+5, MS Disrupts lots of metal blocks
461 Zorua (repeat) Mega Rayquaza Itemless, DD, M+5 annoying disruptions, but consider going itemless for this. It doesn’t disrupt until half the moves are gone, so if you can defeat it before the disruption then you’ve got the S-rank
462 Beldum Mega Garchomp/Blaziken (Pyre team) Itemless, M+5, Overkill: add DD lots of block disruptions, try itemless until you catch it
463 Vaporeon (repeat) Mega Rayquaza/Ampharos, Jolteon Itemless,M+5 Overkill: MS disrupts with Jolteon and blocks
464 Volbeat (repeat) Mega Gengar, Illumise Itemless 3-Pokemon Stage, disrupts Illumise
465 Zoroark (repeat) Mega Rayquaza/Mewtwo X Itemless, M+5 I had a lot of trouble/bad luck with this state, so I threw in a DD
466 Metang Mega Garchomp/Blaziken (Pyre team)/Rayquaza, BS+ pokemon M+5, DD, Overkill: add MS I finished with exactly 10 moves left, so unlucky players may want to add a MS
467 Jolteon (repeat) Mega Rayquaza/Garchomp, Golurk Itemless, M+5 Disrupts with rocks and blocks so bring BS+
468 Illumise (repeat) Mega Gengar, Volbeat Itemless 3-Pokemon Stage
469 Bibarel Mega Rayquaza/Sceptile (grass team), Shaymin-L Itemless, M+5, Overkill: add DD
470 Metagross Mega Rayquaza/Garchomp DD, M+5, MS (optional), Overkill: C-1, DD Requires some good luck for the regular strategy. Overkill will get you a guaranteed S-Rank (and a high catch rate)

Stages 471-500

Stage Pokémon Team Items Notes
471 Wailmer M-Sceptile/Rayquaza, Shaymin-L, Bellossom, Raikou (BB+), Zekrom Itemless, M+5 Try itemless until you catch it
472 Seedot M-Gengar, Pyre team, Charizard Itemless 3-Pokemon Stage, If you can get Burn to proc, then you won’t have to worry about the disruptions.
473 Klefki (repeat) M-Garchomp/Rayquaza/Blaziken/Gengar, Pyre team, Landorus-T, Machamp Itemless, M+5 Overkill: MS disrupts Klefki, non-overkill will require luck as HP is very tanky
474 Pichu (repeat) M-Garchomp/Rayquaza, Landorus-T Itemless A little bit of good RNG will get the job done
475 Tirtouga M-Rayquaza, Zekrom, Bellossom, Shaymin-L M+5 Very tanky HP, will require some luck. If unlucky add a MS for good measure.
476 Nuzleaf M-Rayquaza, Pyre team Itemless, M+5 Try it itemless until you catch it
477 Pikachu (repeat) M-Rayquaza/Garchomp, Landorus-T Itemless, M+5 I couldn’t get this one Itemless for the life of me but a M+5 did it. Need some good RNG
478 Pumpkaboo (safari repeat) M-Gengar, Pumpkaboo Itemless 3-Pokemon Stage, disrupts Pumpkaboo so consider bring it along
479 Happiny (repeat) M-Rauquaza/Medicham, Machamp, Throh (SS’d w/ BB+) Itemless Add a M+5 if RNG is not on your side
480 Shiftry M-Rayquaza/Blaziken, Talonflame, Pyre team M+5, DD Overkill: MS Very RNG dependent – I got the S on my 2nd time using my overkill strategy
481 Raichu (repeat) M-Rayquaza/Garchomp, Landorus-T M+5, Overkill: DD Rock disruptions can really throw off your momentum so a DD might make life easier
482 Baltoy M-Rayquaza/S-Gyarados/Swampert, Shaymin-L Itemless, M+5 Puzzle: C3->A1, E4->A6, B6->F1, D4->F6; Fortunately the S-rank threshold is lower here, but you’ll still need some good combos, try itemless until you catch it
483 Helioptile M-Rayquaza/Garchomp, Landorus-T Itemless, M+5
484 Gourgeist (safari repeat) M-Gengar, Hoopa-U, Gourgeist Itemless Disrupts Gourgeist, so bring it for free combos
485 Burmy (Plant Cloak) M-Blaziken/Rayquaza, Pyre team, Reshiram Itemless
486 Shroomish M-Blaziken/Rayquaza, Pyre team, Talonflame, Leavanny Itemless, M+5 Another tanky stage, a M+5 should do the trick if you’re unlucky
487 Chansey (repeat) M-Rayquaza, Machamp Itemless SS’d Machamp really shines here. Use a M+5 if you get impatient
488 Axew (repeat) M-Gengar, Kyurem-W, Zygarde-50 Itemless 3-Pokemon Stage. Kyurem-W for ejecting Axew icons and Z-50 for the barriers
489 Shuppet (repeat) M-Gengar/Rayquaza, Shuppet, Yveltal SS Itemless, M+5
490 Claydol M-Rayquaza/Tyranitar, Suicune BB+ DD, M+5 Overkill: MS Tanky stage, you’ll need good RNG
491 Heliolisk M-Rayquaza/Garchomp, Landorus-T, Golurk M+5, DD Overkill: MS If you’re lucky with RNG, you could probably get by with just a M+5
492 Fraxure (repeat) M-Gengar, Kyurem-W Itemless 3-Pokemon Stage
493 Blissey (repeat) M-Rayquaza, Machamp M+5, Overkill: DD If you don’t use DD, bring Blissey
494 Wormadam (Plant Cloak) M-Rayquaza/Blaziken/Pidgeot, Reshiram DD, Overkill: M+5 Can possibly do itemless with candied Pidgeot
495 Haxorus (repeat) M-Tyranitar/Beedrill, Kyurem-W, Haxorus Itemless, M+5, DD If you don’t have a candied M-Tyranitar or Beedrill, then you won’t likely be able to do it itemless
496 Skarmory (repeat) M-Rayquaza/Tyranitar, Golurk, Talonflame, Gallade M+5 Add a DD if you’re unlucky with RNG
497 Mothim M-Rayquaza/Blaziken/Tyranitar, Pyre team DD, M+5, Overkill: MS High HP stage – good luck with RNG!
498 Banette (repeat) M-Gengar/Rayquaza, Yveltal BB+, Hoopa-U, Banette Itemless, M+5
499 Kangaskhan (repeat) M-Rayquaza, Machamp Itemless, M+5 You have to be really lucky for itemless – throw in a M+5 if you just want to get it over with
500 Mega Metagross M-Garchomp, Landorus-T C-1 Overkill: M+5, MS Use MS if Garchomp isn’t candied