Pokémon Shuffle

Pokémon Shuffle S-Rank Guide: Stages 251-350

Best Pokémon Shuffle team compositions and item usages to beat all of the Stages from Stage 251 to Stage 350. Notes and a short F.A.Q. is at the bottom of the guide.

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Stages 251-260

Level Pokemon Team Items Notes
251 Inkay Optimize Moves +5, MegaStart [2800 coins]
252 Chimchar MegaGarchomp, Optimized Moves +5 [800 coins]
253 Skiddo MegaCharizard, Lugia, Genesect, Salamence Moves +5 [800 coins]
254 Monferno MegaGarchomp, Optimized Itemless My MegaGar is also candied up, MegaStart can probably guarantee an S, I also think there is a pattern to start
255 Joltik MegaChar, 100 Att Mons +5 Moves [800 Coins] Make sure to do 3 moves each turn to avoid disruptions.
256 Gogoat MegaChar / Glalie, 100 Att Mons +5 moves, Disruption Delay, Mega Start[4300 coins]
257 Loudred MegaGengar, Optimize +5 Moves [800 Coins]
258 Galvantula MegaAero, Joltik, 2x 100 Atk Mons Mega Start, +5 moves [2800 coins] This requires a lot of luck. A Complexity / Fire Team is a more expensive alternative
259 Exploud MegaGengar, Machamp, Lucario, Optimize Move +5, DisruptionDelay [2300 Coins] May take a few tries, very RNG dependent.
260 Deoxys (Normal) MegaGengar, Genesect, Giratina, Darkrai +5 Moves, Disruption Delay [2300 coins] This strategy is being reworked, not as easy as it seems…
EX31 Luxray MegaGarchomp, Optimize +10 Sec, MegaStart [2800 coins]  
EX32 Malamar MegaHera, Optimize Mega Start, Disruption Delay [3500 coins]  

Stages 261-300

Level Pokémon Team Items Notes
261 Aron M-Gengar/M-Lucario, Gallade, optimize itemless Moves +5 if needed.

M-Gengar + optimize with a little luck

262 Flabébé M-Mawile/M-Gengar, optimize itemless M-Mawile, Flabébé, optimize
263 Makuhita M-Gengar, Makuhita, optimize itemless For catching it: M-Mewtwo, Makuhita, Cresselia, strong psychic and M+5
264 Hariyama M-Gengar, Barrier Bash team M+5 M-Mewtwo, Slowbro, Cresselia, Salamence and MS
M-Mewtwo, Cresselia, Diancie, strong psychic and MS // M-Slowbro, Mewtwo, Palkia, Diancie
265 Munna M-Gengar, Sharpedo/Lugia + optimize itemless Use eject to remove the Munna icons // alt team: M-Gengar, Munna + optimize
266 Vullaby doesn’t matter (puzzle) itemless solution: A2 -> B6 (Eevee -> Skitty), F2 -> C3 (Skitty -> Pachirisu), D6 -> D2 (Pachirisu -> Eevee), B5 -> D5 (Eevee -> Chansey), F4 -> D6 (Skitty -> Chansey)
267 Musharna M-Gengar + Absol + optimize itemless Countdown-lock with Mind Zap

M-Gengar + optimize

M-Gengar, Munna + optimize and M+5 if needed

268 Lairon M-Garchomp, Gallade, Ho-oh, Heatran M+5 alt team: Garchomp + optimize and M+5,MS // M-Lucario, Gallade, Talonflame, Garchomp and M+5
269 Gligar M-Gengar, Palkia, Dialga itemless prioritize Dialga to clear metal from starting board // alt team: M-Gengar + optimize // M-Gengar + Blastoise, Milotic, Palkia, Roserade (pick two)
270 Aggron M-Gengar + Pyre team DD alt team: M-Lucario/M-Garchomp + optimize and M+5,MS // M-Lucario/M-Garchomp, Gallade, Lucario, Heatran and DD // M-Blaziken, Delphox, Emboar, Talonflame2
271 Tympole optimize itemless
272 Nosepass M-Gengar, Dialga, Nosepass itemless alt team: M-Garchomp, Dialga, Gallade // M-Lucario/M-Medicham + optimize and MS
273 Floette M-Mawile/M-Gengar + optimize itemless
274 Mandibuzz M-Medicham, Lucario, Genesect, Xerneas/Machamp itemless alt team: M-Heracross, Diancie + optimize and M+5,MS if needed
275 Spinarak M-Blaziken Pyre team itemless alt team: M-Gengar + optimize
276 Rattata M-Medicham, Lucario, Gallade, Machamp itemless alt team: M-Lucario + optimize and M+5
277 Ariados M-Charizard + optimize itemless
278 Porygon doesn’t matter (puzzle) itemless solution: A1 -> F2 (Pidgeotto -> Gible), D3 -> C6 (Pidgeotto -> Porygon), F4 -> B6 (Pidgeotto -> Pupitar)
279 Stunky M-Garchomp + optimize itemless alt team: M-Mewtwo + 2 Psychic-types + Garchomp and max-speedup Mewtwo // M-Gengar + optimize
280 Florges M-Steelix, Jirachi, Dialga, Cobalion M+5 Evolve Steelix quickly, then use Cobalion’s Po4+ as much as possible // alt team: M-Mawile + optimize and M+5,MS,DD
281 Raticate optimize + Raticate M+5 if needed// alt team: M-Lucario + optimize and M+5 (a little risky)
282 Chinchou M-Gengar/M-Garchomp + optimize itemless
283 Palpitoad M-Manectric, Lv7 Zekrom, Virizion, Cresselia itemless alt team: M-Manectric + optimize and M+5 // M-Gengar, Diancie + optimize
284 Probopass M-Steelix, Jirachi, Dialga, Lv5-6 Probopass M+5 alt team: M-Lucario + optimize and MS; DD if needed // M-Gengar + optimize and DD
285 Igglybuff M-Mawile + optimize itemless
286 Snover M-Gengar, Delphox, Heatran/Ho-oh itemless alt team: M-Gengar, Snover + optimize // M-Lucario + optimize
287 Lanturn M-Garchomp + optimize itemless
288 Alomomola doesn’t matter (puzzle) itemless solution : B2 -> F4 (Luvdisc -> Qwilfish), B6 -> F4 (Staryu -> Lapras), A6 -> B4 (Lapras -> Qwilfish), A3 -> B6 (Qwilfish -> empty space)
289 Abomasnow M-Lucario, Emboar/Reshiram, Tyranitar, Ho-oh itemless Use Emboar/Reshiram to break barriers// alt team: M-Lucario + optimize
290 Rayquaza M-Altaria, Xerneas, Dragonite, Latias M+5,MS DD if needed. //alt team: M-Latias + Dragon Dance team // M-Glalie, Xerneas, Dragonite, Latias // M-Rayquaza, Xerneas, Diancie/Mamoswine, 80 ap Dragon and M+5, MS
291 Swinub M-Gengar + optimize itemless
292 Seismitoad M-Ampharos/M-Manectric + optimize M+5,DD MS if needed.
293 Jigglypuff M-Mawile, Dialga, Jirachi, Cobalion/Muk M+5 use Jirachi (or MS) to boost Mawile, then prioritize Po4+ //alt team: M-Gengar, Dialga, Cobalion, Muk
294 Doduo M-Gengar/M-Glalie + optimize itemless
295 Piloswine M-Lucario + optimize itemless
296 Dodrio M-Glalie + optimize M+5, MS alt team: M-Gengar/M-Glalie, Terrakion, Gigalith, Zekrom// M-Aerodactyl, Gigalith, Aurorus, Regice and M+5,MS // M-Gengar, Terrakion, Tyranitar, Zekrom and M+5,DD
297 Porygon2 M-Lucario + optimize itemless starting moves: C3 -> B2, C3 -> C2, D4 -> E2, B5 -> B4, E5 -> E4 // alt start: C5 ->B5, C5->C2, D5 ->E5, B5 ->D4, B5 ->C4 //alt strat: C4 ->C2 repeatedly with Lv 5-6 Porygon and Porygon2, and M+5
298 Skuntank M-Gengar + optimize itemless M-Garchomp + optimize (max-speedup Garchomp)
299 Wigglytuff M-Mawile, Dialga, Jirachi, Cobalion/Muk itemless M+5,DD if needed // Alt team: M-Mawile + optimize and DD,MS; M+5 if needed
300 Mega Rayquaza M-Glalie/M-Latios / M-Gengar + Dancing Dragons team M+5, DD, MS, C-1
EX 33 (280 S-ranks) Mamoswine M-Blaziken, Charizard, Delphox, Heatran M+5, DD, MS, C-1 itemless clear team (not S-rank): M-Lucario + optimize
EX 34 (280 S-ranks) Gliscor ?? ?? itemless clear team (not S-rank): M-Venusaur + optimize (success can vary). M-Abomasnow may be better for this, once he’s released.
EX 35 (300 S-ranks) Porygon-Z ?? ?? itemless clear team (not S-rank): M-Lucario + optimize. Have M-Luc clear the upper-left ice whenever it appears, and bottom-right ice whenever you can.

Stages 301-350

Stage Pokémon Team Items Notes
301 Pansear Mega-Garchomp, Landorus, Palkia, Tyranitar Itemless Catch and bring Pansear
302 Paras Mega-Gengar, Gigalith, Talonflame Itemless Double Block Smash+ for MAX effectivity
303 Phantump Mega-Gengar, Giratina, Yvetal, Phantump Itemless Catch and bring Phantump (Similar to Gastly’s stage)
304 Spoink Mega-Gengar, Yvetal, Giratina, Dialga Itemless Block Smash+ is key here
305 Koffing Mega Mewtwo / Rayquaza / Gengar, Victini, Landorus, Dialga Itemless You can Swap Dialga for Golurk if you reached later stages
306 Parasect Mega-Gengar, Reshiram, Salamence, Heatran Itemless C5 -> D5 to clear the Barriers
307 Murkrow Mega-Heracross, Genesect, Gallade, Diancie Itemless Block Smash+ and Barrier Bash+ are key
308 Trevenant Mega Gengar, Giratina, Yvetal, Zoroak +5 Moves Absol’s Mind Zap might be very helpful here.
309 Grumpig Mega Heracross / Sharpedo, Genesect, Bisharp +5 Moves Bisharp eats the frozen rocks at the top and Heracross/Sharpedo deals with the remaining disruptions. Managed to S-Rank itemless, but +5 is a more guaranteed S-Rank.
310 Weezing Mega Gengar / Mewtwo Y / Rayquaza, Victini, Cresselia, Deoxys DD, +5 Moves
311 Spearow Mega Gengar, Zekrom, Gigalith Itemless
312 Panpour Mega Gengar, Zekrom, Shaymin, Tropius/Maractus Itemless Tropius’ Eject or Maractus’ Barrier Bash are both very helpful here.
313 Growlithe Mega Rayquaza / Gengar / Garchomp, Palkia, Gigalith, Tyranitar Itemless Block Smash+ and Barrier Bash+ are key
314 Spheal Mega Gengar, Reshiram, Dialga, Ho-oh Itemless Match next to the rocks to get rid of the Spheals. A 6 Blocks in the skyfall.
315 Pansage Mega Gengar, Genesect, Salamence Itemless Just a few rocks to deal with.
316 Tyrunt Mega Garchomp, Dialga, Palkia, Landorus +5 Moves
317 Sealeo Mega Gengar / Rayquaza, Dialga, Gallade, Sealeo Itemless Catch and bring Sealeo
318 Fearow Mega Gengar / Rayquaza, Zekrom, Kyurem, Fearow Itemless Catch and bring Fearow
319 Mankey Mega Gengar / Rayquaza, Salamence, Victini, Lugia Itemless If you caught Mankey, swap Lugia for it to get some free combos.
320 Tyrantrum Mega Gengar / Rayquaza, Garchomp, Landorus, Dialga DD, +5 Moves MS with M-Aero might work nicely too.
321 Magikarp Mega Gengar / Rayquaza, Zekrom, Virizion, Magikarp Itemless Catch and bring Magikarp to S-Rank it
322 Simisear Mega Gengar / Rayquaza, Palkia, Garchomp, Gigalith Itemless
323 Exeggcute Mega Gengar / Rayquaza, Reshiram, Talonflame, Genesect Itemless Disruption Roulette 🙂
324 Golett Mega Rayquaza / Gengar, Dialga, Palkia, Kyurem Itemless A Fully candied M-Ray is awesome. Beaten with 11 turns left.
325 Magnemite Optimize Itemless B6 -> B5, D5 -> B4
326 Finneon Mega Gengar / Rayquaza, Zekrom, Shaymin, Roserade Itemless A Lot of ice!
327 Sandile Mega Gengar / Rayquaza, Palkia, Kyurem, Mamoswine Itemless Barrier Bash+ is key
328 Magneton Mega Gengar / Rayquaza, Garchomp, Landorus, Excadrill Itemless F1 -> A4 to clear the Manemite-ton-zone
329 Teddiursa Mega Gengar, Lucario, Teddiursa Itemless Catch and bring Teddiursa
330 Magnezone Mega Aerodactyl, Garchomp, Landorus, Camerupt Mega Start, +5 Moves Some users might also wanna use DD.
331 Simipour Mega Gengar / Rayquaza, Zekrom, Shaymin, Virizion Itemless +5 Moves is a safety net.
332 Kabuto Mega Gengar, Palkia, Dialga +5 Moves I’ve beaten itemless after several tries. +5 Moves for a guaranteed win.
333 Smoochum Mega Gengar / Rayquaza, Dialga, Ho-oh, Smoochum Itemless Catch and bring Smoochum
334 Simisage Mega Gengar / Rayquaza, Reshiram, Mamoswine, Talonflame Itemless Get ready to break rocks, blocks and ice
335 Lumineon Mega Gengar / Rayquaza, Zekrom, Virizion, Shaymin +5 Moves Catch and bring Lumineon. Can be S-Ranked itemless, but +5 is a safety net.
336 Omanyte Mega Gengar / Rayquaza, Zekrom, Shaymin, Virizion Itemless PRAISE LORD HELIX!

337 Weedle Mega Mewtwo / Slowbro / Gengar, Optimize Itemless
338 Sentret Mega Gengar, Gallade, Machamp Itemless
339 Furret Mega Gengar / Rayquaza, Gallade, Lucario, Machamp +5 Moves
340 Golurk Mega Gengar / Rayquaza, Palkia, Kyurem, Mamoswine DD, +5 Moves
341 Kakuna Mega Gengar / Rayquaza / Mewtwo Y, Victini, Landorus, Garchomp +5 Moves
342 Ursaring Mega Gengar / Rayquaza, Lucario, Gallade, Machamp +5 Moves BS+ is key. Some users might need a DD.
343 Skorupi Mega Gengar / Rayquaza, Garchomp, Victini, Landorus DD +5 is a safety net.
344 Primeape Mega Slowbro, Victini, Salamence Itemless Bring Primeape if you caught it before S-Ranking
345 Jynx Mega Gengar / Rayquaza, Dialga, Gigalith, Gallade Itemless The more Block Smash+ Pokémon, the better.
346 Krokorok Mega Gengar, Palkia, Kyurem, Mamoswine Itemless Break rocks on the 2nd column (maybe bring Walrein if you caught it)
347 Drapion Mega Mewtwo Y / Rayquaza, Victini, Cresselia, Deoxys DD, +5 Moves
348 Exeggutor Mega Gengar, Reshiram, Genesect Itemless
349 Krookodile Mega Gengar / Rayquaza, Kyurem, Palkia, Virizion DD, +5 Moves The HP is not huge, so some players can ditch the +5 Moves
350 Mega Mewtwo X Mega Mewtwo Y, Victini, Deoxys, Cresselia All Items
EX36 Walrein Mega Rayquaza / Gengar / Lucario, Reshiram, Ho-oh, Delphox Itemless A LOT of Ice
EX37 Honchkrow Mega Mewtwo-X + Pummel Team or Mega Heracross + Optimize Itemless A Lot of black clouds
EX38 Arcanine Mega Aerodactyl, Garchomp, Landorus, Palkia Mega Start, +10s I’ve beaten itemless, but just barely. Using items might be needed for some users.

FAQ for Stages 251-350

  • If you do NOT have Mega Blastoise, Mega Altaria can be a substitute.
  • The Pokemon Shuffle Move application is ALWAYS useful! It can be found over at /r/ShuffleMove