Sun and Moon Legendary Pokémon

Pokémon Sun and Moon Friendship Leveling Guide

After spending hours and hours leveling friendship, we came across this wonderful guide on /r/pokemon that showed us how easy it can be if you apply some Maths to the problem. Kudos to the original poster and we hope you enjoy this guide as much as we did!

For the sake of this guide, 4 calculations are given to determine how many Berry you need for maximum Friendship:

  • optimal conditions (Luxury Ball + same-place + Soothe Bell),
  • near optimal conditions (Luxury Ball or same-place + Soothe Bell),
  • standard conditions (Soothe Bell only),
  • and a baseline.
Starting Friendship
Berries need per Condition
Optimal Near optimal Standard Baseline
0 19 22 27 40
70 15 18 22 33
140 10 12 15 22

Friendship Evolution Facts and Stats

Most Pokémon that evolve via friendship have a base friendship level of 70, with a few that have a base friendship of 140 or 0. All Pokémon that evolve via friendship require a friendship level of 220 to evolve. This is important for breeding, as many baby Pokémon evolve via friendship (and cannot be bred until they evolve).

Friendship gains receive diminishing returns as a Pokémon approaches 255 friendship, sorted into 3 tiers (0-99, 100-199, 200-255).

Factors that affect friendship growth in Pokémon

There are 4 main factors which affect friendship growth in Pokémon and how you’ll train your Friendship:

  • Friend Ball
    • automatically sets the base friendship to 200 upon capture or hatching regardless of other factors. It won’t be included in this calculations!
  • Luxury Ball
    • adds an additional 1 to any friendship gains
  • Location of meeting the Pokémon
    • adds an additional 1 to any friendship gains
  • Soothe Bell
    • Gives a 50% bonus to any friendship gains and is calculated after Luxury Ball and same-place bonuses.