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Trainers, Personally I think its never too early to start looking at some of the unreleased shiny forms of Pokemon – Especially ones that are likely to be released before others.

With this in mind and with inspiration from Reddit User r/Arik90 below chart, let’s take an educated look at which shiny Pokemon are already available and when we can next expect to see some of those that have yet to be released.

Do note however though that this is largely an opinion based article, some of the below guesses are based on Niantics current “trends”. If you think something different, let me know in the comments below!

Thanks to Reddit user r/Arik90 for the Infographic.

Shinies Already Released

Let’s start off taking a look at the Pokemon that already have their shiny forms released, these are as follows:

Shinies Already Released
  • Shinx ✔
  • Luxio ✔
  • Luxray ✔
  • Budew ✔
  • Roserade ✔
  • Ambipom ✔
  • Drifloon ✔
  • Drifblim ✔
  • Buneary ✔
  • Lopunny ✔
  • Mismagius ✔
  • Honchkrow ✔
  • Bronzor ✔
  • Bronzong ✔
  • Bonsly ✔
  • Weavile ✔
  • Magnezone ✔
  • Electivire ✔
  • Magmortar ✔
  • Togekiss ✔
  • Leafeon ✔
  • Glaceon ✔
  • Gallade ✔
  • Dusknoir ✔
  • Froslass ✔
  • Cresselia ✔
  • Meltan ✔
  • Melmetal ✔


Now, with those out of the way, let’s take a look at the more exciting part: When (might we see some of these Pokemons shiny forms released).

Dead Certain / (Almost) Dead Certain

The below table shows the Pokemon that I feel are practically confirmed to be released during events that we already know about in-game. This is based upon Niantics trends for the past 18 months.

Pokemon Name Reasoning
Turtwig September 15th – We know we’re having a Turtwig Community day – It’s therefore expected to see a Chimchar CD in November and a Piplup CD in January 2020.
Chimchar November TBA – See Above.
Piplup January 2020 TBA – See Above.
Cranidos Following the trend of Shiny Fossil and Rock type Pokemon being released during the “Adventure Week” Events that take place each year around June. We have previously seen the likes of Aerodactyl, Kabuto, Omanyte, Lileep and Anorith released in this way. I expect Cranidos and Shieldon to be released during this event next year.
Shieldon June 2020 TBA – See Above.
Happiny One of the missing shiny Baby Pokemon. This isn’t a regional Pokemon, therefore I expect it to be released into the 7KM egg pool at some point. My best guess: Valentines Day 2020.
Gible Controversial one – But follows on from the Community Days that featured Pokemon such as Dratini and Larvitar. Expected Middle of 2020 TBA.
Munchlax Same as Happiny. Missing Baby Pokemon that is non-regional. Could be added to the 7KM egg pool to tie in with a Snorlax based event such as the launch of Pokemon Sleep in 2020.
Riolu I would anticipate this to be released during the next “Battle Showdown” Event in 2020 – March 2020 TBA.
Mantyke Same as Munchlax. Non-regional. A possible addition to the 7KM egg pool as a reward for the global Mission Blue project in 2020. April 2020 TBA.
Lickilicky Lickilicki falls into the same category of shinies as Electivire and Magmortar except it doesn’t have a baby form. I would anticipate its shiny to be released alongside Lickitung and Gligars shiny forms. Expected ???.
Rhyperior Another controversial choice. This would make what would be an impressive community day for Rhyhorn in the same vein and Swinub and Ralts as well. 2020 TBA.
Tangrowth See Lickilicki.
Yanmega We expect shiny Yanma (although not officialy annoucened) to be released at the Safari Zone event in Montreal. September 20th.
Gliscor See Lickilicki.
Porygon-Z As we saw the move “Lock-On” was added to the game’s code. This has all the right signs of a Porygon Community Day. Possible 2019/2020.
Probopass Another strange Pokemon. Could be an addition to “Adventure Week” 2020 along with Crandios and Shieldon. June 2020.

Possible Event Shinies

The following table contains plenty of speculation. Most of the Pokemon in the table are fairly insignificant enough to not warrant being part of their own Community Day. Therefore this only really leaves a few avenues for which they can be released down: Special Events.

Pokemon Name Reasoning
Starly Flying type that could be part of a new Flying themed event or as part of a Sinnoh celebration event in 2020/2021.
Bidoof Lord Bidoof. We are not worthy. Seriously though, this could be part of a Sinnoh celebration event.
Kricketot Same as Starly but could be part of a Bug type event.
Burmy See Above.
Combee See Kricketot.
Buizel Water type that could be released as part of a Water festival event similar to how Magikarp was first released. Could also be released as a reward for 2020’s Earth Day Cleanup.
Cherrim Possible as part of a Sinnoh celebration event.
Glameow See Above.
Stunky See Cherrim.
Finneon See Buizel. Was also one of the boosted regular spawns for Go Fest Global. Could be linked to Go Fest 2020.
Skorupi Possibly tied to a Poison/Bug event.
Croagunk Toxicroak was teased to be at Go Fest Dortmund but didn’t actually make an appearance. Might be linked to Go Fest Dortmund 2020.
Chingling A Christmas themed Pokemon. Expected to be released during the Xmas themed event of 2019.

Halloween 2019

Possibly one of my favourite events of the year behind Adventure Week. 2019’s Halloween event I expect will see the return of a large event with boosted spawns of new and existing Ghost type shinies and even a “spooky” surprise in raid battles.

Pokemon Name Reasoning
Spiritomb Last years Halloween themed Special Research. Perhaps we could see this available as a shiny encounter through research or even possibly eggs. October 2019 TBA.
Giratina I anticipate Shiny Giratina to be available during a Halloween event this year. It would make sense to run alongside an event that historically has seen many new shiny forms released. October 2019 TBA.
Rotom Whilst Rotom has yet to be released into the game, it is in fact a part Ghost type. It would make sense to be released in a similar way to Spiritomb.
Darkrai Darkrai, Hasnt been released into the game at all but with Niantic, anything is possible. See Manaphys entry below for more details. It would be a great addition to a Halloween event however…

The Curious Case Of Mime Jr. & Regionals

There are a few regionals for the fourth generation of Pokemon including the very first Regional baby: Mime Jr. It will be interesting to see how Niantic deal with this potential speedbump.

Pokemon Name Reasoning
Mime Jr. Although it is a baby Pokemon, its evolution: Mr Mime is a regional Pokemon. It is no wonder that Niantic has not implemented this baby into the game yet as it would be called unfair by those who couldn’t hatch it and were stuck with one Kanto regional instead of two. This would likely get a release worldwide and may cause a regional “shake-up” to allow all players the same chance. Expected ???
Shellos Although its two forms are regional, as long as both forms were released side-by-side I can see no issue with this shiny being released at some point in 2020 – Perhaps during one of the Solstices.
Chatot Regional exclusive Pokemon. However, much like Mime Jr. If it was to be released as a shiny, Niantic would need to either rotate its location or release the remainder of the generations regionals as a shiny to keep the game “fair.”
Carnivine See Above.
Pachirisu See Chatot.

Remainder Of Legendaries

There are a few legendary Pokemon left that have either yet to be featured as a tier 5 boss or have already been featured but have not yet had their shiny forms released. The below table outlines them.

Pokemon Name Reasoning
Azelf We have seen the Lake trio released into the game as “Regional” raid bosses. This spiced up the trade scene for players attending Go Fests. I would anticipate the shiny forms to be released in a similar way. 2020 TBA.
Mesprit See Above.
Uxie See Azelf.
Dialga Could make a welcome return to raid battles as it has had its first “pass”. We have recently seen the green sky dragon Rayquaza make its return to raid featuring its shiny form. I think its only a matter of time before Dialga gets the same treatment.
Palkia See Above.
Heatran See Dialga.
Regigigas See Unlikely Possibilities below – Spoiler – I imagine this will be released eventually, just not for some time.
Giratina See Halloween 2019.
Darkrai Is a Mythical but still yet to released into the game.

Very Unlikely Possibilities

This table is mainly comprised of Mythicals and Legendaries that have yet to be released in the game for their first obligatory non-shiny run. See details below.

Pokemon Name Reasoning
Manaphy Mythicals are those Pokemon that we have so far only received through Special Research with a maximum of one per player. It would be particularly unfair to release the shiny forms of these with some players guaranteed never to catch them. However, I don’t like to use the word “Never” and you never know…
Phione See Above.
Arceus See Manaphy.
Shaymin See Manaphy.
Darkrai See Manaphy.
Regigigas Not unlikely – more like unlikely until middle to late 2020 at the earliest as this legendary hasn’t been released at all yet.

Parting Thoughts

Although this article is rife with speculation, hopefully, some of these predictions turn out to be correct as I think it would make for a steady and exciting shiny release schedule for the remainder of 2019 and heading into the new year.

What do you think Trainers?

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