A Look at the Past: Pokemon GO Timeline in 2017


Hello fellow time travelers! (I know we’re not really time traveling, but let’s roll with it!!)

Let’s take a minute and look back at the past! We’ll be looking back at 2017, an iconic year for Pokémon GO. A year that brought some lovely things we’ve come to know and love today in the game, along with many events that have now seemingly become a yearly occurrence! Once again, the talented OrangeHeart has made us an amazing graphic to bring the timeline to life! Please take a moment to gander upon it!

Pokemon GO in 2017
Pokemon GO in 2017



  • January 24: Pokémon GO is released in South Korea.


  • February 8: Valentine’s Day Event – This event featured increased spawns of pink Pokémon, giving trainers a chance to add the coveted Chansey and Porygon to their collections (if they hadn’t hatched or caught one previously). Also, double candy for hatching, catching and transferring were added bonuses.
  • February 16: Generation II Pokémon from the Johto region made their appearance! This featured an entire generation roll-out at once (aside from Delibird and Smeargle) enticing many trainers return to the game for a fresh start! Evolution items also made their debut to give trainers a way to evolve Pokémon from first to second gen. The addition of Pinap and Nanab berries allowed trainers to accommodate for the new movement patterns the Pokémon had.
  • February 18: Unibail Partnership – New Pokestops and Gyms were added across Europe.
  • February 26: Pokémon Day Celebration – To celebrate Pokémon Day, a celebration of all things Pokémon; the Party Hat Pikachu made its first appearance to the game!


  • March 21: 7-day Pokéstop spins guaranteed an evolution item.
  • March 22: Water Festival – A snazzy new Magikarp themed hat, and to pay homage to the Red Gyarados in Lake of Rage from the 2nd generation games, shiny Magikarp made its splash in Pokémon GO!


  • April 13: First Eggstravaganza Event


  • May 5: Worldwide Bloom Event – A weekend of increased Grass type Pokémon spawns.
  • May 18: Adventure Week Event – Increased Rock type spawns, and a free Adventurers hat.


  • June 13: Solstice Event – Increased Fire and Ice type spawns.
  • June 19: GO Fest Ticket Sales Begin, selling out quickly
  • June 22: Gym Rework Live – Gyms reopened after being closed for a few days in preparation for raids. The gym system, in general, made more fair to all trainers.
  • June 29: Raids Now Live in Pokémon GO – Gave trainers another way to become involved with their local Pokémon Go community.


  • July 6: Pokémon GO 1st Anniversary – To celebrate this event; a special Pikachu wearing Ash’s hat from the anime made its appearance. Special Pichu wearing the hat could also be hatched.
  • July 22: Pokémon GO Fest – Thanks to many trainer’s hard work, Lugia, a Psychic and Flying type legendary from the 2nd generation became available as a raid boss! As a bonus, thanks to Team Mystic having the highest scores among GO Fest attendees, the Ice and Flying type legendary Pokémon Articuno also made its first appearance in the game as a raid boss!
  • July 31: Moltres, the Fire and Flying type legendary Pokémon made its first appearance in raids


  • August 4: An “unusual occurrence” happened in Europe, increasing Unown and Kangaskhan spawns across many cities.
  • August 7: The Electric and Flying type legendary Pokémon Zapdos came to raids
  • August 9: Pikachu Outbreak Event – Increased Pikachu spawns all over Yokohama, Japan. Shiny Pikachu also made its first appearance in the game. Shiny Pichu also became available to trainers lucky enough to hatch one.
  • August 14: Mewtwo EX raid test occured in Yokohama. Lugia, along with the legendary birds, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres all came back to raids.
  • August 31: Raikou, Entei, and Suicune raids began, being spread across different areas of the globe. Raikou in the Americas, Entei in Europe and Africa, and Suicune in the Asia-Pacific region.


  • September 6: First wave of EX passes went out for the Psychic type Legendary Pokémon Mewtwo.
  • September 16: Safari Zones in Oberhausen, Germany, Paris, France, and Barcelona, Spain.
  • September 22: Equinox Event – Increased Chansey, Larvitar, and Mareep hatches.
  • September 30: Raikou, Entei, and Suicune all swapped regions.


  • October 7: Safari Zones in Copenhagen, Denmark and Prague, Czech Republic.
  • October 14: Safari Zones in Stockholm, Sweden and Amstelveen, The Netherlands.
  • October 20: The Halloween Event Returns – Also featured the first wave of generation 3 Pokémon, all Ghost types. Trainers were also able to find shiny versions of Shuppet, Duskull, and Sableye.
  • October 31: Raikou, Entei, and Suicune all made their final rotation in raids.


  • November 4: Pokémon GO Week in Korea began.
  • November 19: Global Catch Challenge – trainers all over the globe were challenged to catch a total of 3 billion Pokémon in a week.
  • November 24: Safari Zone in Tottori, Japan.
  • November 26: The Gold Global Catch Challenge goal was met, releasing Farfetch’d worldwide and Kangaskhan in East Asia for 48 hours.
  • November 27: Thanks to trainers’ efforts in the Global Catch Challenge, the Fire and Flying type Ho-Oh made its first appearance in raid battles.


  • December 8: The second wave of gen 3 (the starters) were released. This included: Treeko, Torchic, and Mudkip. New raid bosses appeared, giving trainers a chance at shiny Absol and Mawile. Both became the first raid exclusive Pokémon. The weather system also went live, causing different types of Pokémon to spawn, dependent on weather conditions.
  • December 15: Groudon, the Ground type Legendary Pokémon made its first appearance in raids.
  • December 20: AR+ feature released on Apple devices, giving trainers a new way to catch Pokémon and take AR photos.
  • December 21: The third wave of gen 3 Pokémon was released, featuring mostly Water types and some Ice types. As a seasonal treat, Delibird was released. Shiny Snorunt also made an appearance.


And with that, we’ve got a comprehensive timeline of Pokémon GO in 2017! Have you made any special memories playing Pokémon GO? Please share your experiences with us in the comments below! Have a lovely day everyone!

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