Box Sale Analysis: Generation 4 and Beldum Community Day Preparation

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It’s been a minute, hasn’t it? With the upcoming release of Generation Four, and a highly anticipated Community Day around the corner, this selection of boxes serves all purposes (barring one. Looking at you, “wHeRE aRe mY siX pASsEs fOR 480 coINs?!”)

Let’s get right to it, and see if these boxes are worth your Pokécoins.

Item Special Great Ultra
Incubators 3
Super Incubators 5 12
Premium Passes 2 3 6
Pinap Berries 10
Ultra Balls 20
Lucky Egg 1
Incense 3
Star Pieces 9
Lure Modules 8
Box Value Analysis
Incubators (150 each) 450
Super Incubators (200 each) 1000 2400
Premium Passes (100 each) 200 300 600
Pinap Berries
Ultra Balls
Lucky Egg (50 each) 50
Incense (50 each) 150
Star Pieces (50 each) 450
Lure Modules (85 each) 680
Total Value  650 1500 4130
Total Savings 27.1% 48% 64.2%
Incubators ONLY (Savings) 0% 22% 38.3%

Incubators are the reason for the season. The bonus for the upcoming Beldum Community Day is 1/4 egg distance, and Generation Four has nearly a dozen relevant baby Pokémon coming (Togepi, Magby, and Elekid all having Gen. 4 evo’s, Budew, Mime Jr., Bonsly, Happiny, Munchlax, Riolu, Mantyke all being the newborns this generation, and of course, Piplup, which is objectively the cutest and best Pokémon to exist. Ever.)

Special Box

This, for the lack of a better phrase, is a watered down version of a Community Day Box. Pinaps and Ultras serves the purpose of extra candy and ensuring a shiny capture, while the raid passes and incubators are nice for break from Beldum and maximizing egg hatches, while not breaking the bank.

Rating: 3/10 (The sheer lack of quantity is disappointing. Not even 10 more Ultra Balls? 10 more Pinap Berries?)

Great Box

This box has a bit more bulk. The Super Incubators alone are worth it, and the add-ons add on to the value. Two more Lucky Eggs and three more Incense would make this deal have a bit more punch. Great if you need just enough Super Incubators to get you through Community Day, but not nearly enough to get the Generation Four hatches out of the way early.

Rating: 6/10 (The Super Incubators alone are worth it, but a bit more meat in the form of extra Incense and Lucky Eggs would cinch the deal.)

Ultra Box

Do you smell that? That’s the smell of scrambled eggs in the air. The best deal thus far purely based on Super Incubators, this will get you through 36(!) hatches. While this likely won’t get you through allllll of those egg hatches (looking at you Wynaut), the inclusion of the trading system softens the impact, so you won’t have to search for a baby Pokémon via eggs. Just someone that already hatched one. Star Pieces cushion the cost even more, and the Lure Modules exemplify the “sharing is caring” element of the game. Passes are just nice to have.

Rating: 7.5/10 (The box you need if you want all of the Super Incubators. The passes are the bulk that the Great Box needed in some form.)


These boxes complement the current events in the game, being Community Day and the future release of Generation Four. If you’re solely looking for passes, then this is not the event for you. If you’re looking for Incubators with a little variety, then drop those purses and hand over that money. Decent Ultra Box, with the Special Box severely lacking and the Great Box nice to look at.

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