Elite TM CD Box – Is It Worth Buying?

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One thing that has stirred up the community for the past couple months, and for the upcoming Gastly Community Day, is the Elite TM Box. Although a fantastic opportunity to gain another competitive advantage via an Elite TM, the value of such a hot commodity remains to be seen. What is the actual value of the Community Day box? Is it worth buying? Pros? Cons? Let’s take a deeper look! If you’d like to watch a video analysis, you can here.


Item Value
Super Incubator x 3 600
Incense x 3 120
Ultra Ball x 30 N/A
Elite TM x 1 ~560


By looking at the contents of the box as a whole, it’s not very appealing. The value for only 3 super incubators and 3 incense within itself is not worth the price. Looking at today’s boxes (7/14/2020), for only 200 coins more you can buy a lot more for a better value. You may be wondering why I didn’t put a value to the Ultra balls. Personally, I see no value. Through enough patience spinning stops and opening gifts, you can easily obtain 30 Ultra balls in an hour (more or less). However, the Elite TM being worth 560 coins seems reasonable. The price of 1280 for the whole lot is not.


  • Ability to purchase an Elite TM
  • Gain a slight competitive advantage
  • Extra super incubators and incenses (although highly priced)


  • 1280 coins is too much
  • Ultra balls really don’t have value
  • Other values for same items better in Ultra and Adventure box
  • Paying 1280 for an Elite TM (basically) when valued at 560

Final Comments

Clearly, the Community Day box is overpriced in its current condition. Upping the number of super incubators (3 to 5/6), incense (3 to 5/6) and ditching Ultra balls for star pieces (5/6) would be the best option for Niantic in my opinion. That way they don’t have to make any pricing changes. Of course, making the box cheaper is another way as well. Perhaps 780 coins like the previous Great boxes? Something has to give. Don’t get me wrong, buying an Elite TM is definitely worth it! At this price point? Absolutely not.

Curious as to what the community’s first thoughts were a couple months ago? Here’s a link to a great Reddit thread. Enjoy Gastly Community Day and good luck trainers!

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