GO Battle League

Close Yet Far: GO Battle League and Esports

GBL Season 8 has begun, this means jumping onto PvPoke and doing some homework based on the new moves and meta shifts. Poison-type buffs,...

Let’s Talk About Accessibility and Pokémon GO

Accessibility is a huge issue in the gaming industry, and Pokémon GO is a game that suffers from many of the issues we see...

Let’s Talk About the ‘Value’ and Devaluing of Shinies

With the surprise announcement of Gible Community Day for June 6th, there are a lot of mixed feelings among the community online about how...
Community day speculation

Community Days We’d Love to See

Community Days have become a somewhat hit and miss over the last year or so. With the pandemic, lockdowns and stay at home orders,...

Pokémon Pet Sematary: Hydreigon

Pokémon have mostly been regarded as our friends. In fact, they're more like family, or pets rather. With the buddy system being a...

Let’s Talk About Event Fatigue in Pokémon GO

Can anyone else remember the last time we didn't have an event on in Pokémon GO? I think we've had one week off in...
Red and Green Kanto Tour version

Our Thoughts on the Kanto Tour

This weekend saw the 'Kanto Tour' event take place. It was a ticketed event, costing USD$11.99 plus any applicable taxes and fees (or the...

Babies in Pokémon GO – why are they missing?

If you've been playing this game for a very long time, you probably remember when the first wave of Gen II Pokémon dropped. In...
XL Candy in Pokémon GO

Does the Candy XL system need a rework?

The GO Beyond update brought us plenty of new challenges, one of them being the fact that we can now power up our Pokémon...

We Need to Talk About Community Day

Over the last year, Community Day has gone from being one of the most anticipated announcements each month, to something greeted with groans and...

It’s going to be fine.

Hey you. It's been a while since you read something nice and heartwarming on GO Hub. We got so caught up in the news...
Pokémon GO

2020 in Pokémon GO – The Good and the Bad

The year 2020 is finally gone. And while for many it may have been one of the worst, for others it was not so...
Mr Mime and Mr Rime coming to Pokémon GO

An Honest Review of the Galarian Mr. Mime Ticketed Event

This weekend we had what has proved to be one of the most controversial events in Pokémon GO history, the Chill Tunes Galarian Mr....

Community Day Polls: The Forgotten Losers

It's been a while since the last Community Day poll... In fact, the very first one was announced on January 22, which was almost...

The Significance of Shiny Mew in Pokémon GO

With the announcement of the Kanto Tour, we have the incredibly exciting news that a guaranteed Shiny Mew will be available to ticket holders!...
Mr Rime and Lapras chilling in the snow

We Need to Talk About Paid Events in Pokémon GO

Over the last few weeks Pokémon GO has announced a variety of new events, including the Kanto Tour, Secrets of the Jungle, and Chill...
GO Battle League

The problem with GO Battle League rewards

Two of the most controversial aspects of GO Battle League are the pool of rewards and the reward structure. In fact, according to the...
Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto

We Need to Talk About the Kanto Tour

With the announcement of the absolutely huge Kanto Tour for February 2021, there are a lot of mixed feelings in the community. There's a...

Our thoughts on the Increased trading distance

Remote trading has always been a requested feature in Pokémon GO. In these times of social distancing, lockdowns and mobility restrictions, this feature was...
Winter Ice Type Pokemon GO

Winter 2020 Event Speculation

With many updates to the Game Master file over the last few weeks, it's time for some wild speculation about what the potential winter...
Team GO Rocket

Should Team GO Rocket Takeover Events happen more often?

Team GO Rocket Takeover events were introduced last year, but we haven't had as many as some players would've imagined. These events were originally...

Improving Wayfarer and the Pokéstop Submission system

Niantic has recently lowered the required level to submit Pokéstops to level 38, which is great news for rural trainers who had not managed...

Season 5 GBL: Is Rank 10 Meaningless?

Up until today, I was curious what the Rank 10 rewards would be for this season. After all, it is very easy to achieve....
Pokemon GO Spiritomb

The AR Mapping Task Issue

With the introduction of AR mapping quests, a lot of people found that they were quite abundant! Not many people are particularly interested in...
Garbodor counters

We Need to Talk About The (12km) Egg Pool (Again)

Back in September, I wrote about the drastic need for an update to the egg pool. So you can imagine how excited I was...

The Forgotten Pokémon Favourites: Part 3

With so many amazing suggestions for those under appreciated Pokémon you love, we just had to come back with a Part 3 (and potentially...

Why is Victini before Snivy in the Pokédex?

Hello again Trainers!  When Generation 5 dropped into Pokémon Go eagle-eyed trainers noticed that the first entry in the Unova portion of the Pokémon...

We Need to Talk About the Stay At Home Bonus Changes

Niantic have announced that starting October 1st there are going to be changes made to the Stay At Home bonuses, with some features remaining...

We Need to Talk About the Egg Pool

Back at the beginning of June we had our last 'permanent' egg pool shake-up, affecting the 7KM eggs only, and introducing some of the...

The Forgotten Pokémon Favourites : Part 2

We're back again to give those often forgotten Pokémon more love, in Part 2 of our 'Forgotten Pokémon Favourites' series. We've been asking around,...