Rayquaza and more flying and dragon types
Rayquaza and more flying and dragon types

A new box sale is live in the in-game store, accompanying the newly released legendary Rayquaza raid boss and a handful of new raid bosses in various tiers. We’re quite excited for this one, as it is one of the best sales to date and it features Incubators, Lucky Eggs, Star Piece and Raid Passes. Who could ask for more?

Well, we would appreciate if Super Incubators were instead of the normal ones, but that’s just nitpicking. Let’s see how these new boxes are priced and which one should you get!

February sale analysis

Special Great Ultra
Raid Pass 0 6 12
Incubator 2 4 8
Star Piece 6 8 20
Lucky Egg 0 3 6
Incense 3 0 0
Price 480 780 1480
Value 600 1550 3200
Discount 20% 50% 54%

Special Box

We feel that the price is too high for you getting. You are only getting a 20% discount on the items inside (if you buy all of the items at their best possible price) and there are no raid passes.


Great Box

The Great Box is great again! This baby version of an Ultra box is the deal that we expect most Trainers will go for – and for a good reason. It’s a great mix of items for any type of Trainer and you’re getting over 1500 coins worth of value at a 50% discount. If you think about it, the Great Box is the same thing as Ultra Box, cut in half (almost).

Ultra Box

The best deal of the bunch, but out of reach for a lot of free-to-play Trainers. It’s not much better than a Great Box in terms of discount percentages, but if you can, you should buy it. It has everything that an aspiring Pokemon GO player needs and it’s offered at a great price. You’re getting a ton of value over buying just raid passes.

Overall thoughts on the sale

We finally have a Sale that offers everything we wanted in one convenient bundle. The special box is really odd, but the rest is a great deal. If you can spare a coin, go for the Ultra Box and you’re good for a good chunk of February events / raids.