Let’s Talk About Furfrou, the Missing Regional

We have quite a lot of regional Pokémon in GO now, some are incredibly rare due to the limited nature of the countries they spawn in, like Klefki and Sigilyph, and others have been featured in global events so are more common. One regional however, is currently totally missing from Pokémon GO.

Where is Furfrou?

Furfrou is unique as a regional Pokémon, because while you can catch the Natural trim worldwide, it has other trims that are regional exclusives. The Dandy and Matron trims are available as trim changes worldwide, and the Heart trim was only available during the 2022 Valentines Event, we assume it may be back for the same event each year. Or at least we hope it will! The rest however, are location specific.

You need 25 Furfrou candy and 10,000 stardust in order to change Furfrou’s trim, and once changed, you can change them again, it isn’t a permanent change.

Regional Pokémon Furfrou Trims
Pokémon Location
Furfrou (Natural) Global as Catchable Trim
Furfrou (Dandy) Global as Trim Change
Furfrou (Matron) Global as Trim Change
Furfrou (Heart) Valentine’s 2022 Event Exclusive
Furfrou (Debutante) The Americas
Furfrou (Diamond) Europe, the Middle East, and Africa
Furfrou (Star) Asia-Pacific Region
Furfrou (La Reine) France
Furfrou (Kabuki) Japan
Furfrou (Pharaoh) Egypt

The biggest problem with Furfrou is that quite simply, it is totally AWOL! Furfrou hasn’t been seen since Fashion Week in September 2021, and it was a reward in the Misunderstood Mischief quest line. Since then, it hasn’t been in raids, research tasks, eggs, the wild, anywhere! It is completely missing from Pokémon GO.

With the world opening up again, and Niantic encouraging travel, it seems an odd choice that the regional variations of Furfrou are currently impossible to get unless you happen to have saved all your Furfrou from Fashion Week.

You can only get the exclusive regional trims by changing the trim in the country they require, so you can catch a Furfrou elsewhere, then travel to another country, and change to that countries regional trim. If only you could catch Furfrou to begin with!

If you missed that event, or transferred your spares, you cannot currently get this regional Pokémon. And we aren’t really sure why. No other regional Pokémon has been essentially removed from the game like this before, so why Furfrou? It seems incredibly frustrating to get a one in a life time chance to travel to somewhere like Egypt, and then not be able to get one of the regional Pokémon available to you there. We know it isn’t a separate Pokédex entry, but who wouldn’t want to get such an exclusive regional and be able to flex it locally, or try to form change a few of them to bring back to their pals?

Pokémon GO content creators ZoeTwoDots and Tom from TheKruseShip have both recently been travelling (videos below) and realised they are struggling with Furfrou, Zoe has no spares to change trim on and take back to Australia for her friends, and Tom only has 3 total!

Come on Niantic, at least put Furfrou in a regular field research task so we can get it, don’t restrict regional Pokémon even further. Regional Pokémon should always be available, and shouldn’t be removed from the game, and they shouldn’t be only featured as part of event.

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