Deino Where Are You?


When we heard the announcement about Dragon Week being a part of the rewards unlock from Pokemon GO Fest this year, everyone was ecstatic! Another chance at shiny Gible through spawns and in raids got people excited. What was even more hyped was the addition of shiny Deino (looks fantastic)!

However, the Deino hype is long gone. Instead, it has been met with a widespread of community outrage. Why? Let’s see what people are saying and how rare are those Deino hatches?

One Incubator, Two incubator, Three Incubator, Four…

Since the event began people have been hatching 7km eggs as much as physically possible. As shown below by Cody here. Not ONE single Deino was hatched.

He wasn’t the only one taking to twitter showing their frustrations. Content creators such as ZoeTwoDots and others voiced their opinions also. Let’s not forget the fact that Deino is hard to hatch from 10km eggs. Furthermore, the vast majority of trainers don’t participate in PvP (GO Battle League) either. So odds are, there are thousands of trainers who, if they hatched a Deino, it would only be their third one (two free Deinos from research). A shiny would be even better, but you have to hatch a Deino to begin with.

A Bigger Issue At Play?

Perhaps it is not the low hatch rates of Deino, but the lack of rates transparency itself. To this day, we still don’t have the actual hatch rates of each Pokemon in their respective egg tiers. Rather odd right? In other games that have loot boxes, they are legally required to showcase the rate drops for the potential items you may acquire from said loot box. Why this hasn’t been done for Pokemon GO remains to be seen. It may not be Niantic’s fault. The Pokemon company has a say in what they can and can’t do after all. Regardless, knowing our chances of hatching a certain Pokemon would come a long way in terms of trust for the community.

Final Thoughts

As it seems now, spending money on incubators is not a good idea. Yes you may hatch a Gible or 2, but if you spend enough time hunting, you can find that many sooner than you can hatch 9 7km eggs. Hopefully more egg transparency will come in the future. There’s one other thing I failed to mention. Niantic nerfed Deino spawns completely as well. Which is a bold move considering it is Dragon Week after all. Anyways, only time will tell. If you want to see a loot box take on this topic, you can here.

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Fitz City
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